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So far so great, but there are a couple of compatibility issues to keep in mind. For a start, theres no Windows variation, and if you want to run Model 15 on the Mac youll require to have set up Big Sur, the latest variation of Apples operating system (something that many artists wont yet be inclined to do). On the plus side, Apple Silicon Macs are supported.
Its also worth noting that, while Model 15 will run in Logic, GarageBand and MainStage as an Audio Unit v3 plugin (the format that was initially developed for iOS), this isnt the like the standard AU format, so it looks like other non-Apple DAWs wont be able to host it. You can also utilize the Model 15 standalone, though.

The Mac compatibility is part of a free update for the existing Model 15 app, so anyone who already owns it will get it. Theres also a new complimentary expansion pack that features 80 modular patches, and 7 tutorials that discuss and explore the principles of modular synthesis. The Model 15 might also be seen as a helpful educational tool.
Learn more on the Moog website. The Model 15 is offered on the Mac App Store priced at $30/ ₤ 29/EUR33..

Released in 2016, Model 15 is a recreation of among Moogs traditional hardware modulars, and offers you oscillators, filters, envelope generators, mixers and modulation options. While the original synth was monophonic, this version can also be used as a 4-voice polyphonic instrument.

GEAR 2021: Moog has actually revealed that its Design 15 iOS modular synth app is making the dive to the Mac, ending up being the businesss very first official desktop soft synth in the process..

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