Piers and Susanna blast Priti Patel over catastrophic mistake of relaxing COVID rules at Christmas – Chronicle Live

And there was an equally heated clash 24 hours later on when the Home Secretary become involved in a spat with Piers and Susanna, after the UK coronavirus death rate reached a day-to-day high of 1,610.

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On Tuesdays program, the GMB speakers revealed a leaderboard of the average number of deaths per million individuals over the previous 7 days, with the UK taking the unwanted leading spot, ahead of the similarity Portugal and Slovakia.

They took on Northern Ireland secretary Brandon Lewis over the deeply concerning statistic but didnt get the action they wanted.

House Secretary Priti Patel stopped working to provide a firm answer when challenged by GMB hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on the catastrophic mistake of relaxing COVID guidelines over Christmas.

Piers asked: “Can you explain to me why we have currently the worst death rate worldwide?”

Patel responded: “Well I think we have to put much of this into context. Every single death is just deeply awful and this pandemic has actually affected and blighted all our lives.

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” There are a lot of households that have lost loved ones – now, if I may, I do not believe there has been a single element or trigger regarding why many people have actually passed away in the United Kingdom.

” There is not one single factor or reason we have seen such pressure on the NHS. There will be no single factor regarding why the numbers are so high.”

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Piers said that the dire situation in the run up to Christmas, with the development of the highly infectious brand-new COVID version need to have led to a national lockdown, including: “The failure to do that, and to permit families to meet at Christmas, has now turned out to be a devastating error,” he included.

Ending up being disappointed with Pates responses, Susanna blasted: “You enabled them to do it under the guidelines.

Patel replied: “Well we dont know that. We had actually said repeatedly, in the added to that Christmas duration, to decrease social contact, to have very limiting Christmasses.

Piers and Susanna turned the discussion to the impact of three various bubbles being allowed to mix inside on Christmas Day.

” You cant state well on the one hand we allowed people to do it, and on the other hand we informed individuals not to.

Piers said to her: “It was an error, wasnt it? We can all see that now,” to which she replied. “that is a view that you hold.”

” You were going to blame them for what then took place, even though it was in the federal governments control to alter that.”

Patel then explained that is was her view that millions chose not to fulfill up with their households, to which Susanna reacted: “The law allowed millions of households to meet in groups of 3 households on Christmas Day.

” We were not telling individuals to get together in mass gatherings.”

” Its exactly what we knew you were going to do back in December. You were going to allow individuals to do it, you were going to permit people to blend, and in January you were going to blame individuals who did, who understood it was genuine under the rules.

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