The music business is a hunting ground for sexual predators – and it allowed Phil Spector to thrive –

Elvis, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis – all founding dads of rock-and-roll and all had a taste for minor teenagers. Though these were personal matters, from seedy motels to marital relationships; when a man is a Svengali, and his relationship is played out in public, you d think he might behave much better, viewing as his fixation is also his meal-ticket. It simply suggests that, having actually seen odd males lose their minds over Her Indoors, his fear and desire for control becomes worse.

A lot of males who discover popularity in music react like kids in a sweetshop, typically appearing to think that the kids are the sweets. If we consider him a joke, like Gary Glitter, we damn him; if we idolise him, like David Bowie, we disregard.

The prototype of twisted pop Svengali was Phil Spector who died in jail at the weekend, serving a sentence for the murder of the starlet Lana Clarkson. I keep in mind, shockingly, being more amazed by the state of his hair than the reality that he d committed the even worse criminal offense possible.

Yes, Svengalis support and exploit kids along with women – the distinction being that Malcolm McLaren wasnt wanting to make love with the Sex Pistols. Kim Fowley, developer of the Runaways, allegedly raped their bassist Jackie Fox when she was 16. Tommy Mottola, then CEO of Sony Music confessed that it was “improper and absolutely incorrect” for him to get involved with his 23-year-old finalizing Mariah Carey who declared that during their five-year marital relationship he managed every aspect of her life.

Include to this the fact that unlike many leading males of the cinema, musicians often werent the most conventionally attractive children – look at bad Ed Sheeran. What does it do to a male whos rarely got lucky with women of his own age to see hundreds of women yelling out their love for him? It made Sheeran wed his youth sweetie, a sign that what he does not have in sexiness he makes up for in common sense.

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