This $1000 Elder Scrolls wedding ring will guarantee a no – PC Gamer

Looking to propose to your better half? Do they like video games and hugely costly, ugly jewellery? Well youre in luck, since now you can ask your partner to marry you in design with a $1,000 ring from The Elder Scrolls Online.

The Ritual of Mara ring silently appeared on Bethesdas store a couple of days back and is without a doubt the most costly little merch available. The ring is 10K yellow gold and, according to the product description, polished to a mirror shine. Theres also an engraving on the within the band that checks out With this ring and Maras blessing. Mara is among the 9 divines in Elder Scrolls lore, and the goddess of love, empathy, and marriage..

I know you should be chomping at the bit to get your hands on this charming piece, and the ring is offered for pre-order until the 14th February, after which Bethesda stated itll never ever return.
The Nordic style isnt awful per se, however the old-fashioned yellow gold and ostentatious inscription is certainly a gotten taste (or as Bethesda puts it, the ring “brings a soft and warm yellow tone often used in historic old-world jewelry”).
If you, nevertheless, like the ring, then I apologise and make a peace offering. For those who want one however do not expensive bankrupting themselves, Bethesda provides a more reasonably priced $85 sterling silver variation. Or, y know, just dont get married: its much more affordable.

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