Anne Hegerty accuses The Chase host Bradley Walsh of cheating in tense on-air row – Mirror Online

The Chase star Anne ‘The Governess’ Hegerty accused host Bradley Walsh of sneakily helping contestants in a row on Thursday’s show.

Bradley protested his innocence and looked stunned as he was accused of deliberately emphasising a word in the question to give the player a hint.

Stern Anne refused to back down though she chuckled and Bradley made a joke of the argument.

Contestants Cally, Julie, Sam and Robin were the players in the game, and Cally went head to head against the formidable Anne.

Bradley asked: “A 2018 set of stamps featuring which London palace depicts the ‘Pond Gardens’, ‘Great Fountain Gardens’, and ‘Maze’?

He emphasised the word “maze” and even leaned over and looked at Cally when he said it.

Anne Hegerty accuses The Chase host Bradley Walsh of cheating

Anne mimicked Bradley who over-emphasised the word ‘maze’
(Image: ITV)

The options were A) Lambeth Palace, B) Hampton Court Palace, and C) Kensington Palace.

He added: “This helps you out if you’re from London, of course. You’ve put Hampton Court Palace.”

Cally replied: “Yes, I know there’s a maze there, so…”

Anne Hegerty accuses The Chase host Bradley Walsh of cheating

The players assured Bradley they did not notice
(Image: ITV)

Bradley responded: “Yep, absolutely, yep, well played,” as the screen revealed she was corrected.

It was then revealed Anne too put the correct answer, and she remarked: “I love extremely the subtle way you went ‘MAZE'”, imitating Bradley leaning over to Cally.

“Just to make sure she knew it,” she added.

Bradley Walsh

Bradley protested his innocence but many fans agreed with Anne
(Image: ITV)

Astonished, Bradley protested: “I didn’t!”

“Yes you did,” said Anne.

“I didn’t do that! I didn’t do that, I do not do that, I didn’t do that did I? Did you hear me do that?” Bradley blustered.

“No!” said Cally.

Anne Hegerty

Anne laughed it off
(Image: ITV)

“Thank you,” replied Bradley.

During the next question, Bradley poked fun at the debacle by deliberating over emphasising words and shouting them at Cally.

Fans were divided over whether Bradley did mean to help the player or not, with one tweeting: #TheChase yup, there was a noticeable emphasis on the word “MAZE”.

“You did, Bradley! #maze#TheChase,” agreed another.

“Brad, cheating!! #TheChase,” added a third.

“He always does that anne #TheChase,” wrote a fourth.

* The Chase airs weekdays on ITV at 5pm

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