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Warzone is as exciting as ever, thanks to its crossover with Black Ops Cold War. The Season One update has seen the introduction of many familiar weapons into Warzone, namely the MAC-10. See how you can make the best MAC-10 loadout possible with our guide.

Everyone is always striving for more efficiency, more efficiency means more kills, and more kills means more wins. To achieve more Warzone wins, you need the best equipment for the job.

BOCW has entered the Warzone thanks to a collection of new guns to play with. The MAC-10 is a new addition to both BOCW and Warzone, but we already have the best way to utilize it. Find out how below.

Best MAC-10 attachments Warzone guide

The same few culprits have dominated Warzone since the game’s launch, the Kilo 141 being an obvious offender. The meta might have finally changed, as the MAC-10 is currently a small but sweet gun that can drill a hole through an enemy before they even blink.

With this being Warzone, we’ll concentrate on the five main attachments for the MAC-10 that you need to slap onto this beast.

Ammunition – 43 Rnd Drum

Given that the MAC-10 is an SMG and perhaps lacks a tiny bit of the power that an Assault Rifle would offer, you might need a tiny bit more out of it.

A bigger MAC-10 allows for a longer burst of fire if needed, and given that the Warzone can have a few players converge on the same spot, the drum will justify itself in these situations.

Barrel – 6.1″ Reinforced Heavy 

There are a few here that you can go for, but this one is the best option in our eyes. At the minor cost of some mobility, you can greatly increase the weapon’s range and damage. This makes it effective at both close-range and at a distance.

Laser – Steady Aim Laser

A standard attachment to include here as the MAC-10 is the kind of weapon that flourishes in those heat-of-the-moment scraps. Steady Aim Laser increases the weapon’s accuracy when hip-firing, and that is a vital advantage in close-quarters firefights.

Muzzle – Muzzle Brake 9

Increased accuracy and control at the expense of nothing. All you’re doing is making your Mac-10 a laser beam that will not leave its target, pounding it with bullets until it falls.

The weapon’s fire rate is insanely high, so by controlling this, it becomes unmatched in a straight 1v1.

Underbarrel – Field Agent Foregrip

The Field Agent Foregrip offers the best of both worlds with a strong reduction in both Vertical and Horizontal recoil. SMGs are always a bit more erratic with their lighter weight and a higher fire rate, so this underbarrel is an absolute necessity to control its bite.

Best MAC-10 perks Warzone guide

Now that you’ve got the right attachments to complement the MAC-10, it’s time for perks. We’ve picked the three best ones that should passively help you in battle whilst you make mincemeat of the other competitors.

Perk 1

Double Time: Double the duration of Tactical Sprint. Increase crouch movement speed by 30%

Despite all the terrific bits of hardware you’ve slapped onto your new toy, it will still falter at a longer range compared to an Assault or Tactical Rifle. Double Time lets you run for longer and helps to decrease the gap between you and players, increasing the effectiveness of the MAC-10.

cod warzone double time perk 1cod warzone double time perk 1

Perk 2

Ghost: Undetectable by UAVs, Radar Drones, and Heartbeat Sensors. Still appear on killstreak radar when firing a weapon, and detectable by Advanced UAV but removes direction.

The logical choice here as you really don’t want to be caught out in the middle of nowhere. When used in conjunction with Double Time, you can remain more of a shadow and sneak up on your opponents before blitzing them in close-quarters combat.

cod warzone ghost perk 2cod warzone ghost perk 2

Perk 3

Tracker: Enemies leave behind a footprint trail. See markets at enemy death locations and hide the death markers of enemies you kill.

This completes the perfect trio of perks as you should be able to run for a lot longer, undetected, and you sniff the trail left behind by a player. Meaning you can chase them and drill more holes in them than a block of emmental cheese.

cod warzone tracker perk 3cod warzone tracker perk 3

With these settings enabled on your MAC-10, you now contain the power of a god in one hand. Even though the MAC-10 was nerfed in Warzone, this custom loadout should more than do the trick to make it usable.

Stay tuned for more amazing loadouts that you could use to dominate your enemies in CoD: Warzone.

Image credits: Infinity Ward

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