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Jon Bon Jovi joined from Florida.
Jon Bon Jovi, who, like his fellow entertainers Bruce Springsteen and Ant Clemons, comes from New Jersey, signed up with from Florida– by the way the state where Donald Trump is anticipated to live now that he has left the White House. The place left some audiences puzzled (based on their social media comments), however the musicians cover of “Here Comes the Sun” struck a psychological note for lots of. (CM).
John Legend must dip into the Lincoln Memorial regularly.
John Legends performance of “Feeling Good” was absolutely one of the highlights of the evening. Was it due to the fact that he chose the perfect tune? Was he energised to be performing at such a historical location as the Lincoln Memorial? Or was it the energy Legend– a vocal critic of Trumps– gave the phase, hours after Joe Biden took the oath of workplace? Most likely a mix of all these things, and more. In any case, it was the recipe for an incredible performance. (CM).
Dave Grohls tribute to instructors.
Dave Grohl, the child of a teacher himself, ensured to honour the countrys teachers prior to he and the rest of the Foo Fighters released into tune. Grohl has actually promoted for teachers rights during the coronavirus pandemic. His address on Wednesday likewise resonated with Dr Jill Bidens own background as a teacher. It was a smart introduction to a really gratifying performance by the band, who played the 2003 song “Times Like These”. (CM).
The tune choices were on point.
Lets go over the tune options for a minute. Musicians expressed hope and optimism on Wednesday, while likewise acknowledging the challenging times people in the US have dealt with in the previous months and years. Springsteens “Land of Hope and Dreams”, as gone over, was a quite perfect opener for the evening. Bon Jovi and Legend were more outwardly celebratory, with “Here Comes the Sun” and “Feeling Good”, respectively. Ditto Demi Lovato and the extremely energetic version of Withers 1977 tune “Lovely Day”. Foo Fighters “Times Like These”, meanwhile, brought an edgier touch. And Katy Perrys “Firework” made for an amazing finale for apparent factors (more on that listed below). (CM).

Here are the 10 main talking points from the night:.
Tom Hanks stays Americas sweetheart.
In times of problem or confusion, the country knows it can constantly turn its lonely eyes to Tom Hanks. They recuperated, and Hanks surprised America by hosting a remote episode of Saturday Night Live the following month. On Wednesday night, he proved a qualified host– solemn but not serious, reflective however not grandiose.

And Bruce Springsteen is still in charge.
“Land of Hope and Dreams” played after Barack Obamas goodbye address in January 2017. Featuring it in first position on Wednesday night felt like a moving callback, and a nod to Bidens past work as Obamas vice president.

Katy Perry finished up the broadcast with a spectacular performance of her 2010 hit “Firework”, as a real-life fireworks display illuminated the sky in the nations capital.

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Celebrities invited Joe Biden into the White House on Wednesday after he officially ended up being the 46th American president.
The Foo Fighters, Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, Demi Lovato and more performed during a 90-minute television special hosted by Tom Hanks from the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC. The broadcast changed the conventional inaugural ball, which could not happen due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Katy Perry liquidated the night with a dazzling fireworks show.
Who better to conclude a already star-studded and extremely musical night than pop titan Katy Perry? Dressed all in white and carrying out in front of the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, the Grammy-nominated radio pillar broke out her 2010 chart-topper “Firework” for the event in a set that culminated with a big display screen of real fireworks. Maybe it was a little on the nose, but Perrys never ever really been one for subtlety. “Firework” and Perrys skyrocketing delivery was the perfect closer for a currently motivated night. (Rachel Brodsky).
Broadway got a chance to shine.
New York Citys cherished Broadway theatres have been closed given that March 2020, as an essential step to slow the spread of Covid-19. How the city has actually missed the venues and their performers! Wednesdays broadcast included a fantastic collection from various Broadway actors and singers. Together, they sang “Seasons of Love” from Rent, aka the hymn of theatre kids across the United States, and “Let the Sunshine In” from Hair, another classic. It was so good to experience a taste of Broadway, if just for a few moments. (CM).

The event was in turn solemn and celebratory. Styles such as unity and the turning of a brand-new leaf dominated the night, including by method of artists song choices. Jon Bon Jovi covered the Beatles “Here Comes the Sun”, John Legend reinterpreted Nina Simones classic “Feeling Good”, and Demi Lovato sang Bill Withers upbeat tune “Lovely Day”.

Yo-Yo Mas performance of “Amazing Grace” was a thing of charm.
” Amazing Grace” inhabits a popular place in the American mind– and beyond, really. When the coronavirus pandemic very first took hold, Andrea Bocelli sang it in a very emotional efficiency from the Duomo Cathedral in Milan. Somewhat naturally, a lot of performances of “Amazing Grace” location a focus on the tunes lyrics. However on Wednesday night, cellist Yo-Yo Ma played an incredibly pure, deceptively easy variation that enabled audiences to enjoy it in a whole new way. (CM).
Lin-Manuel Miranda poignantly recites Seamus Heaneys “The Cure at Troy”.
In the opening minutes of “Celebrating America”, none other than Lin-Manuel Miranda honoured both guys by reciting an excerpt from the poem. The passage provided hope that the country can unite and heal, just as President Biden has actually wanted for on too lots of events to count.
See how the night unfolded in our live blog:.


Hi and welcome to The Independents liveblog of the music and TV occasions taking location throughout Joe Bidens inauguration..
Well be supplying reactions and commentary to Lady Gagas performance of the national anthem, Tom Hanks TELEVISION special, and whatever in between..

Roisin OConnor20 January 2021 16:00.


President-elect Joe Biden will take to the platform, so its most likely well get that performance of the national anthem from Lady Gaga quickly.

Roisin OConnor20 January 2021 16:19.


Roisin OConnor20 January 2021 16:19.

Donald Trump left the White House for the last time on Wednesday morning, having pardoned his previous chief strategist Steve Bannon and nearly 150 others in the final hours of his presidency.
” Its been a fantastic honour, the honour of a lifetime,” he said before crossing the South Lawn to the presidential helicopter, Marine One, including: “It will not be a long goodbye.”.
Flouting 150 years of tradition, Trump left Washington ahead of the inauguration of Joe Biden rather than accompany his successor to the Capitol..


Roisin OConnor20 January 2021 16:22.

I sense this is going to be among the more emotional governmental inaugurations weve seen in some time..

Roisin OConnor20 January 2021 16:37.


Tom Hanks is hosting tonights primetime TV special commemorating the inauguration of Biden, with performances from Justin Timberlake, Demi Lovato, Jon Bon Jovi, and Ant Clemons.
The special, titled “Celebrating America”, will run for 90 minutes and will be relayed live on ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, and MSNBC from 8:30– 10:00 PM ET/PT on 20 January.
Audiences can likewise stream the unique live on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, Amazon Prime Video, Microsoft Bing, NewsNOW from Fox, and AT&T DirectTV and U-verse.
The special will be produced by Glenn Weiss and Ricky Kirshner, the very same group that helmed the virtual Democratic National Convention. Weiss will also be directing the special.

Roisin OConnor20 January 2021 16:39.

Roisin OConnor20 January 2021 16:39.


Now we have Jennifer Lopez performing “This Land is Your Land”.

Roisin OConnor20 January 2021 16:46.


If youre searching for details on times for whatever taking place today (20 Jan), look no more:.

Roisin OConnor20 January 2021 17:00.


That was Garth Brooks performing “Amazing Grace”.

Isobel Lewis20 January 2021 17:19.

“Land of Hope and Dreams” played after Barack Obamas goodbye address in January 2017. Including it in very first position on Wednesday night felt like a moving callback, and a nod to Bidens previous work as Obamas vice president. Or was it the energy Legend– a singing critic of Trumps– brought to the stage, hours after Joe Biden took the oath of office? His address on Wednesday likewise resonated with Dr Jill Bidens own background as a teacher. The passage provided hope that the country can unite and heal, simply as President Biden has actually wished for on too lots of events to count.

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