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All you need is love: She likewise shared this photo of her gorgeous son on Instagram, with their bond clear to see.

She stated: Thats right. Thats when you get to see the real me, as a mum, with my child. I enjoy you a lot Harv.

Doing her finest for him: Jeremy said to Katie that he thinks shes going to miss out on Harvey so much and Katie stated: It will break my heart, but I know hes not gone permanently.

She also thanked the nurses and carers and stated: Everyone take care and to all you carers and nurses, youre doing a great task..
The interview finishes with Katie speaking about the documentary, which heads out on the BBC, Monday at 8.30 pm..
She stated: Thats. Thats when you get to see the real me, as a mum, with my son. I love you so much Harv.
Harvey replied: I like you too..
The Jeremy Vine Show airs weekdays at 9.15 am, Channel 5..

And the conversation that you have with Harvey the entire method through, you state I enjoy you. You can see what you indicate to each other.
Harvey sweetly interjects: I love you too, Jeremy..
Katie stated: He desires me to finish his sentences. No one can remove the bond that we have. Everyone will see it. I hope it will be educational..
Its not a simple journey [finding a residential college] Its difficult enough with an able kid however theres all the paperwork and discovering the ideal location for him..
Obviously hes not going to be with me, well, he will at weekends and holidays and stuff. But you understand at school, youve got to be able to trust everybody there, its got to be the ideal education for him and its hard.

Gratitude: Katie also thanked the carers and nurses and said: Everyone take care and to all you carers and nurses, youre doing a fantastic task.

Its life altering injuries which Ive had. Ive got screws in them now and metal plates. Whats wrong with mummys feet Harv?.
Harvey responded: Get well quickly mummy..
She stated:” Thats. It is life altering and it was during the documentary that if taken place, so then I needed a carer as well as being the carer.
Jeremy then discussed Katie remaining in a wheelchair in the health center.

No one can eliminate our bond: Katie Price revealed worries over handicapped son Harvey, 18, going to property college on Jeremy Vine on Thursday as she confessed it will break her heart.

And Katie has registered him in a domestic college from the age of 18-25 so that he can learn to be independent.

Jeremy has actually seen the documentary in advance of it airing on Monday and stated: Its really moving. Well done Harvey.

Because of all his complex needs, its quite limited where he can go..
So its just the journey with me and Harvey, strip back who I am and what I do for a living. It actually is a genuine documentary about me and my child and the journey of what other individuals go through too.
I have to do it, I cant be self-centered because I would have him at home with me all the time. Hes come to the age that simply like with any kid you just have to let them explore the next level..
Jeremy also asked Katie how she broke both her heels..
It was a wall. Literally I leapt a small wall when we were all mucking about and I didnt realise it was a 20-foot drop the other side..

Her oldest kid: Harvey was born with disabilities including partial blindness, ADHD and Prader-Willi syndrome.

But the shift has been a distressing time for Katie because she has to put total trust in individuals who work there as his requirements are so intricate..
We have actually been making some essential choices for him, Katie said..

Where he will live when he leaves school. I desire him to have as independent a life as possible..
Jeremy has actually seen the documentary in advance of it airing on Monday and said: Its very moving. Well done Harvey..
Everyone can see how unique your relationship with your mum is which you love her so much.

He stated: Then you remained in a wheelchair in the health center. There is a whole healthcare facility component, due to the fact that hes being taken care of by the exact same medical facility as a kid. So this is a huge moment for Harvey isnt it?.
Katie responded: Very huge minute. Individuals need to realise, since its under Great Ormond Street and its a childrens health center, its then a shift of the next phase..
Thats even harder, since anyone out there will know that when you turn 18, obviously youre a grownup. You have to go into hospital as an adult and you cant remain with them overnight..
My concern is what if he needs to go into hospital and they wont be able to handle him. Hell just want to go and smash everything if you speak to Harvey the wrong method and hes in that state of mind. Hey Harv?.

They are starring in a BBC documentary together called Harvey And Me, which charts a crucial year in his life in which he turns 18 and becomes an adult..
And Katie Price, 42, and her precious boy Harvey displayed their incredible bond when they appeared on the Jeremy Vine reveal by means of video link on Thursday.
Harvey is on the autism spectrum and was born with specials needs including partial loss of sight, ADHD and Prader-Willi syndrome, which causes an excessive hunger.


Katie said: He desires me to complete his sentences. She stated: Thats. He said: Then you were in a wheelchair in the hospital. This is a big moment for Harvey isnt it?.
If you speak to Harvey the incorrect way and hes in that mood, hell simply want to go and smash whatever.

Prader-Willi syndrome is an unusual hereditary condition that triggers issues including continuous prompts to eat food, restricted development and decreased muscle tone.
Other possible problems consist of discovering problems, lack of sexual advancement and behavioral problems such as tantrums or stubbornness.
The rare condition, which affects one in every 15,000 kids born in England, is brought on by a defect on chromosome number 15 – and occurs by possibility.
Because there is no treatment, treatment aims to handle the signs– with parents of patients urged to get their children to adhere to a healthy, well balanced diet plan.
Kids with the syndrome can consume up to 6 times more than kids of the very same age– and still feel hungry.
It was first described in 1956 by Swiss physicians A Prader, A Labhart and H Willi..

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