Prince Charles snubbed as royal expert calls for Prince William to be next King – ‘A pity’ – Express

It follows Robert Jobson, royal expert, declared the Queen “will step down” this year.
He said to True Royaltys Royal Beat program: “I still firmly believe when the Queen ends up being 95, that she will step down.”.
Royal press reporter Jack Royston added and agreed: “I think she will not wish to, however realistically she will get to a point where she has turned over whatever to Charles and after that how to do you look your son in the eye and inform him he is not going to be King?”.
The Queen will turn 95 in April, after heading the crown given that February 1952.

The royal author continues to state Charles as head of the monarchy would resemble “driving over a cliff”, and called him “totally unsuitable”.
He then recommended royals “freeload” off of the monarchy and stop working to comprehend “the crown is the point”.
He added: “While the entire opera of the royal family is an excellent attraction, its outlived its time in regards to its grander function.
” Lots of members of the royal family are freeloading off the idea of the royal family.”

Mr Irving likewise stated to Australias Today Extra the Queen “will likely be the last female king in England”, and explained all her immediate successors are male.
Recommending why she achieves success as king, he said: “She comprehended from the word go, when she ended up being queen in 1952, that you need to sustain the mystery.
” The individual is not the point, the crown is the point, the organization is the point.”.

Clive Irving, author of The Last Queen, stated in an interview the Prince of Wales is “entirely inappropriate” to be the next head of the Royal Family. Pointing out the royals appeal compared to the Queen and William, he said it would be much better if the crown could “jump directly” to the Duke of Cambridge.

Mr Irving blasted the heir to the throne as “fundamentally an 18th-century figure” unsuited for the contemporary monarchy.
The author claimed Charles likes his “cocoon of the 18th century”, and that the beneficiary evident chooses “to have sycophants around him, which is not a great sign for a future ruler”.
Mr Irving also touted the Queen as “more contemporary” than her son, and stated she is “really classic”.
He included: “Its a pity they cant leap straight from the Queen to William, they cant do that since thats not how the constitution works”.
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A YouGov survey released in December revealed two in five Brits wish to see William take over as queen.
The same survey revealed 37 percent of people desire Charles to become King.
Another YouGov poll on appeal revealed the Queen is far ahead of the other royals, with 78 percent of those surveyed saying they had a positive viewpoint the queen.
William was ranked second with 78 percent, while Charles was a distant sixth at 47 percent.

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