Random: YouTube Musician Charles Cornell Did A Deep-Dive On The Mii Channel Theme – Nintendo Life

The video is well worth a watch for musicians and amateur Wii music fans alike, and if youre anything like us, youll most likely head over to the 10-hour variation straight later on. Do not worry, we absolutely comprehend.
Are there any people who dislike the Wii music? Let yourself be understood in the comments, if you attempt.

Youve got it in your head now, do not you? The Mii Channel music is renowned, and for good factor: its a banger. Weve seen freestyle raps, remixes with dances, Otomatone covers, and a 10-hour version with almost 10 million views.
Charles Cornell is a musician whos covered such broad-ranging musical subjects as “That One Song That Everybody Plays On Piano”, a cover of The Twelve Days of Christmas that gets gradually jazzier, and a series called “Piano Dub Vines”, where he supplies a soundtrack to well-known Vine videos. Simply put, hes putting his musical understanding to good use.
His newest video, entitled “The Wii Theme Music Is Unironically Really Good”, he discusses precisely why its so great. We would have been satisfied with “its simply a gosh darn jam”, however obviously its all down to smart usage of chords, time signatures, and accents to develop among the finest bops of our generation.

When Cornell plays the Wii Sports Theme on the piano, it sounds like something your moms and dads might listen to at an elegant jazz bar. Moving on to the Wii Shop Theme, he plays a few bars while showing the sheet music transcription, and it ends up being clear simply how elaborate the song really is.

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