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The Chase host Bradley Walsh could not believe the result of Thursday’s show when Anne Hegerty admitted defeat.

The brainy Chaser known as “the Governess” said it was one of her worst ever performances as she got several questions in a row wrong in the final round.

The players only had to beat Anne to win the entire show and they likely would not have predicted they stood a chance.

But the usually steely Anne seemed rather thrown off by the tough questions Bradley reeled off, and when she answered incorrectly the question was thrown back to the players.

With their extra time and ability to confer with one another, this meant the players were able to correctly guess several of the questions Anne faltered on.

In fact, Anne got a total of ten questions wrong, with the players correctly answering eight of them.

Bradley Walsh

Bradley could not believe how well the players had managed to push back
(Image: ITV)

This meant players Robin and Cally won a whopping £12,000 on the show split between them.

Bradley remarked: “Four years working on the show, I have never seen that. What did we get, 12?

“Ten attempts to push back, ten! Eight executed! Chaser needed seven.

Anne Hegerty

Anne Hegerty said it was her worst defeat in all her years on the show
(Image: ITV)

“Never seen that before, unbelievable, £12,000, £6,00 each, Cally, what are you going to do with it?”

Cally replied: “I am definitely going to plan my wedding in Barbados!”

“Good for you, Robin?” asked Bradley.

Robin laughed: “I think I will camper van further than Scotland!”

Robin and Cally took home £6,000 each

Bradley continued: “Congratulations, you have both not been caught, you have outrun the Chaser.”

Anne conceded: “Yep, that’s absolutely my worst defeat ever, so very well done you two!”

“What happened there?” asked Bradley.

Bradley Walsh

Bradley Walsh was stunned
(Image: ITV)

“You kept asking me things I didn’t know, and that never comes out well,” laughed Anne.

One viewer tweeted: “That has to be the most mental #TheChase in the programmes history. @anne_hegerty won’t want to be reminded of that.”

“Gotta feel for @anne_hegerty after that performance! #thechase,” wrote another.

A third added: “That game was the worse I’ve ever seen her play.

“I always love it when contentstants win, but not when @anne_hegerty is playing, but they deserved that. Not only was she getting them wrong, they knew the answers of 8 our 10 that were wrong. #thechase “.

* The Chase airs weekdays on ITV at 5pm

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