These snazzy gold and white PS5 controllers are only for PlayStation employees – Gamesradar

The plates left manage happily bears a “PS5 Launch Team” label. Aside from the gold-colored plate (Im assuming its not genuine gold) and its label, it appears to be a basic PS5 controller.
Sony still hasnt announced any strategies to begin selling alternative PS5 controller colors for anyone outside of the PlayStation company. The distinct two-tone design of the controller makes the possibilities seem much more endless than they were for DualShock 4, however well have to see and wait what Sony has planned. For the time being, informal PS5 controller covers are popping up with a range of color options – and a customized PS5 faceplate business is back for a third time after legal risks from Sony.
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Sonys making gold and white PS5 controllers, but the only way to get one is by being part of the group that released the console.

PlayStation product style manager Joey Rabbitt posted about the extremely luxe-looking controller in a public LinkedIn post. Bunny was the lead designer on the brand-new PS5 app, and was likewise given an unique plaque and launch team clothing by Sony. The greatest prize, however, and the one that PlayStation fans are the most likely to begin salivating over, is that PS5 Launch Team controller.

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