10 Movie Performances Even MORE Impressive When You Know The Truth – WhatCulture

Though thespians are regularly lauded for their ability to convincingly transform, be that physically or mentally, into another human being through various glamorous awards ceremonies each and every year, it’s still worth noting that the art of acting is one of the most difficult and detailed crafts in existence.

Trying to delve into what makes another real-life or fictional character tick, how they see the world, and even how they tie their shoe laces usually requires countless hours of dedication, examination, and experimentation. However, on some occasions, thespians are required to overcome other obstacles outside of the typically arduous task of character-building which only serve to make their eventual turns on the big screen even more magnificent.

Battling against life-threatening illnesses, being thrown into a feature with little to no time to prepare, or even juggling work on two demanding projects at the exact same time, are just a few of the behind-the-scenes difficulties actors have faced whilst bringing truly remarkable work to audiences around the world.

Sure, all of these ten turns are rightly celebrated as being some of the finest you’ll see on film. But they become that bit more impressive once you hear about the little known truths behind each and every one of them…

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