Arnold Schwarzenegger utters iconic Terminator line as he receives first Covid jab – Mirror Online

Arnold Schwarzenegger ‘s movies are some of the most quotable flicks ever made.

And one of his iconic lines from Terminator 2 proved useful as he received his first Covid-19 jab and encouraged others to get in line for theirs.

After receiving his coronavirus vaccination, the 73-year-old former Governor of California said: “Come with me if you want to live,” referencing the famous line he said to character Sarah Connor in the sequel.

Arnie had waited in line to receive his jab through the car window, sharing a video of the moment he wound down his window and pulled up his sleeve in order to be vaccinated by a woman wearing a protective face covering.

Arnie has had his first Covid jab

Arnie has had his first Covid jab
(Image: @Schwarzenegger /Twitter)

Sitting in the car with his face mask on, the actor doesn’t even flinch when he’s given his vaccine.

“Put that needle down,” he jokes as the woman tells him he’s “all done”.

He thanks her before turning to the camera to say: “Alright I just got my vaccine and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.

“Come with me if you want to live.”

He told his fans "Come with me if you want to live"

He told his fans “Come with me if you want to live”
(Image: @Schwarzenegger /Twitter)

Sharing the video on his Twitter account, he wrote: “Today was a good day. I have never been happier to wait in a line. If you’re eligible, join me and sign up to get your vaccine. Come with me if you want to live!”

Some of his fans referenced his other famous Terminator line: “I’ll be back”, with one telling him: “That was only the first shot. You’ll be back.”

And another posted: “I hope before you left you said.. ‘I’ll be back… in 3 weeks’.”

He said he was happy to wait in line

He said he was happy to wait in line
(Image: @Schwarzenegger /Twitter)

Yesterday, Arnie celebrated the inauguration of Joe Biden as 46th President of the United States.

Sharing a picture of them sitting chatting together, he tweeted: “I’m rooting for you ⁦@JoeBiden. Your success is the country’s success.”

He’d previously promised to help by doing whatever he could to make America a better place for all citizens, writing: “It was fantastic to talk to President Elect @JoeBiden today about bringing the country back together. I’m here to help in any way I can.”

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