Random: Want To Buy A Statue Of Gravelord Nito For $700? – Nintendo Life

Gravelord Nito looks like a hairball. He looks like a storage cupboard full of Halloween decorations. He looks like a rejected Muppet made by an over-enthusiastic Lovecraft fan.

Anyway, if you want a really expensive statue of the Dark Souls boss whose designers were presumably inspired by the things that block your shower drain, then you can pre-order it now from the F4F website. There’s currently 12 days left in the early bird sale, which drops the price from $785 (about £570) to $700 (about £510). Shipping alone costs between $65 and $465 (£47 – £340) depending on location, and sales tax is not included, either.

The statue, which is 68.5cm tall (roughly the size of an eight-month-old baby), made of resin and PVC, and painted to resemble the in-game model, with a removable faux-hair cloak and a Lord Soul in his left hand. There is both a Standard Edition and an Exclusive Edition, which cost the same price, but the Exclusive Edition also includes an LED light for the Lord Soul.

What are your thoughts on this infant-sized pile of bones? Did the picture of the faux-hair cloak gross you out like it did us? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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