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The Showcase revealed a new trailer (above) for Resident Evil Village, together with the first proper gameplay presentation. It looks a lot like a first-person Resident Evil 4, simply as I hoped it might. Theres a great deal of sneaking around a scary village, some stock tetris, and a new crafting system.
Homeowner Evil Village will be released on Steam and all other platforms on May 7th, 2021. A PlayStation 5 special demonstration is available now, permitting gamers to roam about some environments without fight, however a fuller demonstration will be offered on PC at some point in the spring.
Throughout the display, Capcom also revealed RE: Verse, a competitive multiplayer game for as much as 4 gamers that manufacturer Tsuyoshi Kanda stated was created as an event of Resident Evils 25th anniversary. The short video listed below appearances quite rough-and-ready, but it enables you to play as characters from across the series, consisting of the expected cast of heroes however likewise opponents like Nemesis.

The Citizen Evil Showcase aired today with new footage of Resident Evil Village, a release date statement, and a quick peek of a new multiplayer game called RE: Verse that will be bundled with Town. You can watch the trailers and complete livestream below, as well as read about a few additional details.

You can sign up for a closed beta test of RE: Verse at its official website, with registration closing on January 25th and the beta to run later next week.
There had been some hope that the Showcase might likewise bring a statement of a Resident Evil 4 remake to follow in the footsteps of the recent Resident 1-3 remakes. That didnt take place, which probably makes good sense given Village currently feels like a spiritual successor to RE4.
What we did get was a set of Resident Evil outfits for The Division 2, and some information of Netflixs upcoming animated movie, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness. Im not going to pretend I appreciate those, but if you do you can see them in the full livestream:

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