Google’s Pixel Drops have introduced a bunch of interesting features for Pixel smartphones, including car crash detection and automatic call screening. Another such feature is auto-framing on Google Duo, which had been (at least according to Google) exclusive to the Pixel 4. Now that’s getting a little company, as Google confirms the recently-unveiled Samsung Galaxy S21 series can also pull off the same trick.

If you’re not privy to it, auto-framing on Google Duo automatically centers the person in the frame even when they’re moving around the room, as if a panning camera is tracking them. This is particularly convenient as it allows the user to be hands-free and carry on doing other activities while still being visible on the other end of the call.

Enabling auto-framing with Google Duo is quite simple. You need to tap on the three-dot menu and slide the carousel of options till you find auto-framing. Simply tap on the button and let the phone do the rest for you. The feature is available only for front-facers, so it’s not possible to use it with the cameras on the back of the phone.

For what it’s worth, auto-framing has unofficially also been available on a few other Samsung devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy S20 series. However, Google Duo’s support page states that it’s formally available only for the Pixel 4 and the Galaxy S21 series.