Someone Is Selling 912 Pounds-Worth of Old Sony PlayStations – HYPEBEAST

A serious treasure trove (depending on how you look at it) has just landed on ShopGoodWill. A total of 987 pounds of retro PlayStation equipment is up for auction.

While the total weight says 987 pounds, it is more accurately 912 pounds when the weight of the pallet is subtracted. The site has it listed as “DESCRIPTION: GAYLORD OF VARIOUS PLAYSTATION CONSOLES.” For those that do not know, a Gaylord container is recognized as a large corrugated shipping box. The original boxes were made by the Gaylord Container Company, and because of its prevalence at the time, was adopted as its colloquial name — much like how a “Band-Aid” represents a medical plaster or tissue is known as a “Kleenex.”

From the images we can see that the container is filled with Sony PlayStation 2 and 3 units in both launch and slim versions. It is also not known if they are in working condition as they do look quite busted up. As for GoodWill’s statement on condition, it just reads: “PRE-OWNED, SOME ITEMS HAVE DAMAGE AND OR WEAR” and “UNTESTED.”

Those interested in owning 912 pounds of old PlayStation gaming consoles can head over to the listing page where the starting bid is set at $800 USD.

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