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WandaVision spoilers follow – including episode 3’s ending.

And there you have it. WandaVision just lifted its own veil, bursting the sitcom bubble to confirm what we’d already been suspecting: the domestic bliss isn’t what it seems, and Wanda is (probably) in control of it.

Episode three saw the dramatic arrival of Wanda and Vision’s long-awaited children. With Vision leaving a (suddenly) heavily pregnant Wanda at home in order to run and get the help of a medical professional, she was in the hands of her neighbour Geraldine (Teyonah Parris).

On the face of it, she had come along for an innocent chin-wag about her work drama. But Wanda’s babies soon took it upon themselves to make an entrance, and this set the wheels in motion for a whole lot more…

After the birth of her twins, Wanda became melancholic, reflecting on the loss of her own twin brother Pietro (who, as fans are already aware, was killed by Ultron). Geraldine seemed to know a little too much though, making Wanda paranoid about her new friend’s true identity and calling into question a symbol she was wearing around her neck (yep, that’s the SWORD logo).

wandavision – teyonah parris as monica rambeau

Marvel Studios

In the closing moments of the latest episode (January 22), after that exchange with Wanda, “Geraldine” was banished from the sitcom world that Wanda and Vision are currently inhabiting together.

Despite being introduced in WandaVision by a different name, we’ve known since the previous announcement from Disney that Teyonah Parris is, in fact, playing Monica Rambeau.

But this cliffhanger marks the first acknowledgement of this on the show, and the first time that fans have seen her for who she truly is, rather than a chess piece in Wanda’s warped suburban fantasy.

So what to do we know about Monica, and how is this reveal going to impact the show – and the wider shared cinematic universe – going forward?

monica rambeau

DisneyMarvel Studios

As we saw in the first Captain Marvel film, Monica is the daughter of Maria Rambeau (who was Carol Danvers’ friend and co-pilot). Even as a child, Monica’s influence and hero potential was palpable. She helped choose Captain Marvel’s iconic suit colours, and also pushed her own mother into being brave enough to go with Danvers on her first mission to help the Skrulls.

Clearly a lot of time has passed, which makes sense when you consider the MCU timeline and where the events of WandaVision fit in. The events of Captain Marvel were set in the ’90s, while the Disney+ show is set post-Endgame.

It’s been common knowledge that WandaVision would reintroduce Monica to the MCU, while also setting up an appearance in Captain Marvel 2. But Marvel Studio’s secrecy has served it well, because we don’t really know all that much about the direction this character will now be taking on screen.

Thankfully though, we have plenty of source material to fall back on.

In the comics, Monica gets superpowers of her own after being hit by extra-dimensional energy from an energy disruptor weapon. After originally being branded “Captain Marvel” herself, Monica eventually became known as Spectrum. After an introduction from Spider-Man, she also became part of the Avengers.

wandavision – teyonah parris as monica rambeau in episode 2

Marvel Studios

According to actor Teyonah Parris (via an interview with Collider), WandaVision “essentially serves as her origin story” – but, beyond this, she kept pretty coy about what to expect from the rest of the show.

We do know that the big mystery is set to unravel more and more, and Monica is in prime position to play a fairly large role in that.

That mysterious beekeeper at the end of episode two dropped a pretty big hint that SWORD would play an integral part and, with the knowledge that Monica went on to become an agent for the intelligence agency, it seems likely that she was working on their behalf from inside of Wanda’s bubble.

But this begs a few questions: does Monica and, by extension, SWORD know what or who is pulling the strings? Are they trying to help Wanda, or stop her?

As we previously pointed out, the radio message that pierced through episode one certainly hints that – if Wanda is responsible for what’s happening – those on the outside don’t fully realise it yet. But perhaps Monica’s sudden exit will change that and, therefore, SWORD’s course of action.

Elizabeth Olsen has teased that the tone of the show will be different from episode four, telling Digital Spy and other media that it is “quite a shift” from that point.

“It’s a really fun perspective swap and I think a lot gets understood at that moment,” she explained.

We can only expect that this means we’re about to see more from the outside looking in, as it were, joining Monica in the “real” world. Just before she tumbled onto the grass at the very end of episode three, the frame widened from retro box dimensions (of the classic sitcom era) to a more cinematic widescreen – further confirming that we’re not in Kansas Westview any more…

This undoubtedly means we’ll get more answers too, which we’re more than ready for (although we’re having a lot of fun trying to piece it all together)…

WandaVision is available on Disney+, with new episodes dropping every Friday.

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