BBC drama The Serpent is filmed near Luton and Tring… despite taking viewers to Bangkok and Paris – Daily Mail

This behind the scenes image reveals the studio set at Tring Park School for the Performing Arts, Hertfordshire.

BBC manufacturers of The Serpent, starring Jenna Coleman (envisioned), needed to be imaginative when they were not able to movie in unique locals due to the fact that of the pandemic.

Jenna Coleman, Marie-Andree Leclerc in the series, signs up with Tahar in a scene from Kanit House, Bangkok- however all is not as it appears.

One scene from an episode reveals Tahar Trahim, who plays Charles Sobhraj, waiting to see his first wife in Paris- or is it really France?

In truth the French scene was shot in Wrest Park, Bedfordshire, but has audiences encouraged.

Photos taken by director Hans Herbots show how the production team had the ability to continue filming regardless of the disruptions triggered by Covid.
For one part of episode five, which airs tomorrow, manufacturers had to recreate an area of a Bangkok house, where lots of scenes had been filmed, in Tring. Episodes seven and 8 see the couple return to Paris– however all the exteriors and a scene catching the Eiffel Tower were shot inside Wrest Park and its premises.

The BBC serial killer drama The Serpent has been taking audiences to such exotic locations as Bangkok, Karachi, Paris and Mumbai.
They may be surprised to discover that some of the scenes were recorded in rather less glamorous surroundings– near Luton and in Tring.
Manufacturers of the series starring Jenna Coleman were forced to evacuate their sets in Bangkok, Thailand, where they had actually invested months recording, when the coronavirus pandemic hit last March.

How BBC drama The Snake starring Jenna Coleman is filmed near Luton and in Tring … despite taking audiences to Bangkok, Karachi, Paris and Mumbai


Scenes in episode 6 set in Mumbai were likewise shot at Tring Park School for the Performing Arts. Tring was likewise used to movie a scene embeded in a post office in Delhi, India, and both Tring and Bangkok were utilized to film scenes embeded in Karachi, Pakistan.
Discussing filming, Miss Coleman informed Vogue: We were flown house and there was a break. We could not actually take a trip after that, so we shot the remainder of the series in Tring. The cast shot for ten days in the UK in August.
The entire series of The Serpent is available on the BBC iPlayer and assisted offer the platform its most significant ever week previously this month after viewers streamed 162million programs. The Serpent advances BBC1 tomorrow at 9pm.

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They had wished to return, but after a five-month break they needed to make other arrangements. The cast discovered themselves filming at two UK areas, which the crew cleverly dressed to look appropriately foreign.

Scenes from the second half of the eight-part series were contended Tring Park School for the Performing Arts in Hertfordshire and at Wrest Park, a nation estate north of Luton in Bedfordshire.
The Serpent informs the story of how Charles Sobhraj– the chief suspect in unsolved murders of young Western tourists throughout India, Thailand and Nepal– was recorded. The crook is played by French star Tahar Rahim, 39, and his partner and accomplice Marie-Andree Leclerc by Miss Coleman, 34.

The Serpent takes viewers to exotic residents including Bangkok, Paris and Karachi
In truth the filming places were less attractive areas in Luton and Tring
BBC manufacturers had to get innovative when Covid-19 pandemic hit last March.

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