So Solid Crew member Lisa Maffia attacked hairdresser in hair straighteners row –

Former So Solid Team member Lisa Maffia assaulted a hairdresser in a south London hair salon, a court was told today

Lisa Maffia found fame in the So Solid Crew; she is seen at the MOBO Awards in 2005.
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She said the other lady, who has actually not been recognized, had actually entered into the store first. She stated Maffia then went into “aggressively”, appearing “mad and frustrated”.

” I was very terrified. They attempted to stop me from getting my phone however I grabbed it anyhow and called the police.”.

The hairdresser said of Maffia: “A couple of seconds later Lisa intruded through the door too.

In court Maffia, who wore a white t-shirt and black coat, was visibly upset throughout the procedures and was supported by a friend.

Previous So Solid Crew member Lisa Maffia was seen arrived in court in Croydon on Friday
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” My head was dragged down and at the time I believed I was punched in the face, today I think I was kicked.”.

” She was alarmed. It seems that the phone was grabbed, removed Ms Groves which she received scratches to her arms and, she says, was struck a number of times.

Croydon Magistrates Court heard that she and another woman had actually confronted Ms Groves over the return of hot comb hair straighteners which she had actually been offering on Maffias behalf.

“( Maffia) opened the door aggressively and then walked directly in, no hey there, absolutely nothing, just wheres my stuff?”.

Maffia, who attended court personally on Friday, pleaded not guilty to attack by beating on November 3 2020.
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She added that the occurrence had been “distressing” which she now discovered it difficult to leave her house.

” I said I was going to call the police if they didnt leave, I didnt know what else to do,” she said.

” They rupture in (and) were being aggressive with her to the extent that Ms Groves took out her phone and said she was going to phone the cops,” he said.

Mr Tucker stated that Ms Groves followed the pair outdoors and had been attacked once again by the other woman, who “pulled her ponytail and punched her in the face”.

” I tried to get to the opposite of the roadway but I didnt make it due to the fact that my ponytail was drawn back.

Ms Groves stated that later, as she was providing her declaration to the authorities, she received a call from the other woman who threatened to “burn down” her home and her mothers house.

” I was frightened for my life since (the 2nd female) was the more aggressive one to begin with,” she stated.

Providing proof, Ms Groves stated that on the day of the incident her shop was closed to the general public however she was doing a friends hair.

Maffia, who went to court personally on Friday, pleaded not guilty to attack by beating on November 3 2020.

The court was played a brief video of the occurrence and heard extracts from the 999 call in which scuffles and shouting can be heard.

Police attended the scene and later on talked to Maffia, who offered a prepared statement however then refused to comment.

Ms Groves said she had actually followed the pair outside to recover her phone and had been “gone after into traffic” by the other lady, while Maffia held her phone.

Ms Groves added that the ladies had actually “started to get closer and closer” and attempted to stop her completing her friends hair.

The 41-year-old allegedly scratched Rebekah Groves arms throughout the “fracas” at the shop in Tulse Hill in May last year.

Lisa Maffia was seen coming to court today.

James Tucker, prosecuting, stated Ms Groves had actually been “backed into a corner” of the shop by the two ladies who had “tried to grab her phone” as she attempted to call the cops.

” The accused and the other lady left the shop, taking Ms Groves phone with them.”

The trial continues.

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