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Black Ops Cold War developers Treyarch have revealed a number of bug fixes that players can expect in an upcoming update, including frustrating bugs relating to the H.A.R.P. scorestreak and Fireteam Dirty Bomb game mode. 

Since Black Ops Cold War’s launch, some fans have accused Treyarch of being slow to fix prevalent bugs and other issues in the most recent Call of Duty installment.

It’s quite a common complaint in the gaming community, with fans keen to see prompt action taken whenever something in-game isn’t working as it should.

Thankfully, Treyarch’s responsive community manager and BOCW Trello board have given us an idea of what we can expect in future updates, and there’s a host of frustrating bugs down to be sorted. They are as follows:

  • H.A.R.P. failing to show all enemies
  • Fireteam Dirty Bomb mode only allowing matches on Alpine
  • Negative CoD points balance
  • Intrusive HUD messages in FTDB
Black Ops Cold War gameplay

Black Ops Cold War is Treyarch’s latest CoD instalment.

H.A.R.P Scorestreak fix

Probably the most significant one is an issue with the H.A.R.P. scorestreak. Known as the Blackbird, Orbital V-SAT and HATR in previous Treyarch games, this scorestreak offers a live look at the location and direction of all enemy team members.

However, players have noticed that, in the weeks after its implementation, certain enemies fail to show. This is immensely frustrating for players who have earned the powerful scorestreak, only to die to an unseen enemy who should have appeared on their minimap.

Thankfully, this issue is now listed as having a scheduled fix, meaning we can expect a patch very soon, perhaps on January 26.

HARP scorestreak in Black Ops Cold War

The HARP sees the famous VSAT return in the 2020 title.

Fireteam Dirty Bomb

Next up, Treyarch have responded to an issue that sees Fireteam Dirty Bomb players only finding Alpine, despite Ruka and Sanatorium being the mode’s rotation.

Josh Torres, Treyarch’s Community Manager, responded to say that Treyarch are “tracking this issue but I don’t have any updates at this time.” A fix on this one could be slightly slower, but we can expect one soon now it’s on Treyarch’s radar.


Negative CoD point balances

Finally, fixes for negative CoD point balances and HUD notifications in FTDB are also scheduled. The former, rather bizarrely, saw players being told that their CoD point balances were below zero, while the latter saw intrusive messages about detonation remaining on screen for far too long.

Both these issues should be eradicated in Black Ops Cold War’s next update. For a full idea of the fixes Treyarch are investigating and have fixed, check out their dedicated Trello board.

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