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Brooklyn Beckham has divided fans with his latest tattoo dedicated to his fiancée after he got ‘your future wifey’ inked on his neck.

The 21-year-old now has five tattoos to symbolise his love for model Nicola Peltz, 26, after he popped the question last summer.

His new tattoo is an affectionate letter written by his future wife on his neck and upper back underneath the inking of eyes said to be those of his fiancée.

It’s the latest permanent tribute to his wife-to-be after he got her name, her late grandmother’s name, her eyes and a special message etched on his skin.

The 21-year-old now has five tattoos to symbolise his love for model Nicola Peltz

His new tattoo reads: “My forever boy. Read this anytime you feel anxious. I want you to know how deeply loved you are.

“You have the kindest heart I’ve ever met and hope I never go a day without your love.

“I think you are so incredible. Just we can get through it all together if you breathe slow and trust. I love you beyond.

“Love always, your future wifey.”

The eldest child of David and Victoria proudly showed off his deeply personal tattoo with fans on Instagram.

Despite his romantic intentions, some fans were sceptical about whether the huge inking was a good idea – and some even branded the tattoo a “big mistake”.

One wrote: “May come to regret that one.”

Another commented: “Good luck to remove this after you two break up.”

A third wrote: “How are you going to remove this after you two break up??”

Another wrote: “Big mistake…”

However, many fans were touched by Brooklyn’s latest tattoo as they hailed it as a “commitment” to Nicola.

One wrote: “That’s commitment and devotion. Incredible!”

Another wrote: “That’s what we all deserve. True love and kindness!”

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