Jesy Nelsons ex Sean Sagar to move to Hollywood following abrupt split – Mirror Online

Jess Nelson and Sean Sagar were ‘driven apart by work’ new reports have revealed after the hot couple announced their surprise split last week.

The 29-year-old former Little Mix star and the 30-year-old actor had been dating for nine months before news of their romance ending made headlines on Friday.

It has now been suggested that ambitions got in the way of the relationship – with Jesy planning her next steps after quitting her band, and Sean aiming to follow the Hollywood dream.

The duo are said to have enjoyed the Christmas season together before deciding to call time on their relationship – which is said to have begun in April last year.

Jesy Nelson and Sean Sagar

Jesy Nelson and Sean Sagar were reported to have broken up on Friday
(Image: Instagram)

A source close to the couple told The Sun on Sunday: “Sean is determined to make it as an actor and knows that time is of the essence.

“Jesy is looking at her own future too, so the time just wasn’t right for them.”

The publication also stated Sean planned to “relocate” to Hollywood “as soon as he can”.

Sean is the younger brother of 32-year-old actor Nick Sagar who is enjoying success on the silver screen – having landed a role in popular Netflix film series The Princess Switch.

Jesy Nelson putting on a romantic display with rumoured new beau Sean Sagar during a date at a seaside bar in Brighton

Work pressures are said to have been to blame
(Image: SWNS.COM)

He has also had roles in popular teen US dramas Supergirl and Shadowhunters.

It is suggested Sean now hopes to follow his brother’s success by relocating to Hollywood to pursue US roles of his own.

Meanwhile, Jesy announced her shock split from Little Mix last month.

She announced she would be leaving the band to “focus on herself” – stepping away from the group for mental health reasons.

The singer has enjoyed success in the charts and also on the small screen – having won praise for her presenting skills in documentaries she has made for the BBC.

Last week, a source close to the couple expressed sadness that the pair hadn’t been able to work out their relationship.

The source said at the time: “It’s such a shame as they made a lovely couple but recently things haven’t been right between them.”

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