Pokkén Tournament Producer Katsuhiro Harada Up For A Sequel, But Says Its Not Bandai Namcos Decision To Make – Nintendo Life

One game that deserves some more love is the Bandai Namco developed Switch, Wii U and arcade title, Pokkén Tournament.

It was well-received on all three occasions but since then fans of this unique fighter have been wondering if there’ll be any future follow-ups. A Twitter follower of Katsuhiro Harada (the director of Tekken 7 and a producer on Pokkén) asked the industry icon if he would be open to returning for a sequel.

While Harada would definitely “like to” – as usual, it’s yet another situation that’s out of the actual developer’s control (in this case, Bandai Namco). As noted below, it’s ultimately up to Nintendo and The Pokémon Company. On a more promising note, Bandai Namco obviously maintains a good – if not great – relationship with both of these parties.

About the most Nintendo has done in recent times, in relation to Pokkén Tournament, is offer a trial to Switch Online subscribers in July last year. With Pokémon’s 25th anniversary taking place next month, who knows what could happen.

As for Harada, earlier this month, he was hinting at his new game under Bandai Namco being quite possibly the most expensive project the Japanese publisher has ever given the green light – and it might not even be a fighting game!

Would you like to see Pokkén Tournament get a full-on sequel in the future? How do you think Bandai Namco could improve it? Share your thoughts down below.

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