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PS5 stock update

PS5 is expected to be back in stock on January 20 and January 21 (Image: GETTY)

UPDATE 13: Argos is the next UK retailer tipped to drop a major PS5 re-stock.

Backing up earlier reports, Argos will supposedly re-stock PS5 consoles in the early hours of January 24.

“Argos employees have reported handling several PS5s in preparation for the launch,” reads a PS5 UK Stock tweet. “Several employees have said we should be expecting a drop between 1am and 4am today or tomorrow night unfortunately.”

Argos support staff have denied the rumours, although conflicting information has been a source of frustration for customers.

UPDATE 12: According to the latest reports, scalpers have made a fortune re-selling PS5 consoles.

PS5 re-stocks have been plagued by bots and scalpers buying up consoles and selling them on for a profit.

Scalpers sold 27,000 PS5s for an approximate average of £755 (disc and digital) on eBay since launch. £20 million revenue for scalpers on eBay UK alone!” reads a PS5 UK Stock Instant Updates tweet. “It easy to see why it’s getting so popular. We need to stop buying from scalpers!”

The links below will take you to various PS5 landing pages, which is where you should find stock…

PS5 stock at Argos • PS5 stock at Amazon • PS5 stock at GAME • PS5 stock at Currys • PS5 stock at AO • PS5 stock at Very • PS5 stock at John Lewis • PS5 stock at ShopTo

UPDATE 11: While PlayStation 5 stock is starting to trickle out gradually, a full re-stock isn’t expected until February.

That’s according to industry insider Roberto Serrano, who claims that the console will be back in stock worldwide in February.

“PLAYSTATION 5: Back in stock in February worldwide. New pre-orders will be available soon. Due the high demand, only one per customer.”

Based on a follow-up tweet, all major retailers will be replenshing their PS5 stock at this time.

“According to my sources, all major retailers like GameStop, Amazon, Target, GAME, etc., are ready to replenish their PS5 stock. So, follow your favorite retailer and check the availability. I can only try to inform you as soon as possible.”

UPDATE 10: The rumoured PS5 restocks at Amazon and Argos are yet to materialise, but other retailers have been getting new stock of PlayStation 5 accessories.

Hughes received restocks of the PS5 Pulse 3D Headset today, which sold out fast. But if you’re still looking to pick up this PS5 accessory then Argos have it in stock right now.

In terms of when Argos or Amazon could be getting PS5 console restocks, the rumour mill has claimed these retailers could have consoles available to ship out in early February, with orders potentially being taken before then. This would be similar to what GAME have done this week.

While alleged leaked information could suggest stock may become available imminently from Argos.

The @StockNotifierUK Twitter account previously posted: “#Argos #PS5 nationwide stock loaded! Could be dropping any time now so watch out!”

It’s getting late on so it remains to be seen whether Argos or Amazon could still release stock today, or if any potential restocks will instead happen next week. These retailers typically opt for restocks much earlier on in the day.

But PS5 fans have recently seen restocks go live quite late. Last Friday PlayStation gamers saw a Smyths Toys restock go live around 9pm UK time.

PS5 Media Remote

PS5 accessories like the Media Remote are back in stock (Image: SONY)

UPDATE 9: The Argos Helpers Twitter account has been responding to PS5 fans about when the retailer will be getting more PlayStation 5 stock.

The @ArgosHelpers Twitter said the retailer is “working hard” to replenish PS5 stock at the moment.

In one tweet the account said: “We are working hard to replenish stock of the PS5 at the moment. Please keep an eye on our website, where you will find the most up to date information on current stock availability. Our contact centre staff are unable to provide any additional information”.

While in another the account posted: “We have no confirmed dates of when we will be receiving any more stock for the PS5. Please keep checking the website for the latest stock information.”

This comes as the @PS5Instant account – which for weeks has been tweeting about the PS5 restocks that recently went live in the UK – said Argos currently has stock, it just needs to be processed.

The @PS5Instant Twitter posted: “I know from the logistics team that Argos currently has stock, just waiting for processing”.

UPDATE 8: PS5 fans have noticed some unusual activity at Amazon UK today which makes them think a new stock drop is imminent.

As spotted by the @UKPS5Notify Twitter account, earlier today Amazon UK removed the listing for the PS5 Disc Edition from their website.

This page was removed earlier this morning, with PlayStation fans thinking this could be a sign a PS5 restock could be happening soon.

The @UKPS5Notify Twitter posted: “PlayStation 5 Disc version seems to have vanished from Amazons product page. Monitoring.”

Responding to the news one PS5 fan tweeted: “It’s not on at all, not even my saved for later one is going to a page or anything, hopefully a sign for a drop”.

While another posted: “If I were to guess, they are getting prepared for all the traffic and are gonna restock it soon”.

A few hours later the PS5 Disc console was relisted on Amazon UK but was still out of stock.

The @UKPS5Notify account posted: “[#PlayStation5 Amazon update] There she is again. Although still [Currently unavailable] …for now?”

UPDATE 7: PS5 stock is expected back at Amazon in the coming moments.

According to the latest stock checker updates, Amazon could soon have a big re-stock, similar to the US retailer.

“Amazon US just had stock,” reads a recent stock checker tweet. “The servers didn’t crash and the stock was available for almost 5 minutes. Expecting to see the same in the UK as well.”

UPDATE 6: According to a new report online, PS5 will be back in stock at Argos on January 24.

It’s worth pointing out that Argos support has given conflicting estimations of a PlayStation 5 re-stock, so you may want to keep checking in the meantime.

UPDATE 5: PS5 is back in stock in the US, where Amazon and Gamestop have both refreshed its stock.

Back in the UK, there are reports that some consoles have been available at Amazon, although this is unconfirmed by Express Online.

Still waiting on the rumoured Argos refresh, although support lines are telling customers to check local listings for potential click and collect orders.

UPDATE 4: Additional PS5 consoles are expected to hit the UK later today (January 21).

According to the PS5 UK Stock Twitter, PlayStation 5 consoles are likely to go on sale at Argos, Very and potentially BT and EE. Smyths should also get digital-only PS5 consoles. 

“BT & EE drop tomorrow most likely. Still expecting a drop from Argos who have stock, Smyth’s digital PS5s, Very, Hughes, Amazon, and Amazon Europe (we can import over) & JD Williams (Register interest).”

PS5 console and Digital Edition

PS5 consoles and Digital Edition devices could be re-stocked today (Image: SONY)

UPDATE 3: ShopTo is the latest retailer to re-stock the PS5 in the UK.

According to the latest reports, ShopTo is fulfilling PlayStation 5 back orders, presumably to customers who pre-ordered in the past.

The only problem with shopTo is that the website really struggles when demand is high, which could stop some customers from logging in.

“ShopTo has stock guys, but due to heavy demand, their server cannot handle it,” reads a PS5 Stock UK tweet.

“I would recommend downloading Auto Refresher as a Chrome extension and have the bot to reload the website every 10 seconds, and sooner or later it’ll be back online once people get off the site.”

UPDATE 2: PS5 consoles are out of stock at GAME and Currys, although additional units are expected to hit UK retailers in the next 24-hours.

It’s believed some of today’s GAME stock consisted of orders that were cancelled due to suspicious activity. Needless to say, it’s possible we’ll get something similar from Currys.

UPDATE: PS5 consoles are now out of stock at GAME, following a second re-stock in 24-hours.

While many fans have been left disappointed by the big queues and lack of stock, the UK does seem to be getting stock more frequently, which is a good sign.

Interestingly, ShopTo servers are also struggling, which may mean PS5 consoles are back in stock. It’s unconfirmed, but worth checking out.

As a reminder, more retailers are expected to get stock within the next 24-hours, so keep checking back for all the latest PS5 re-stock news.

ORIGINAL: PS5 consoles are slowly coming back in stock throughout the UK.

After Smyths received PS5 stock last week, more and more UK retailers are beginning to replenish their supplies.

Currys and GAME have both started selling PS5 consoles on January 20, although queues for the websites have made it difficult for customers to get hold of consoles.

According to various PS5 Stock accounts on Twitter, even more stock will be released throughout the next 24-hours.

“Don’t worry, there will be more PS5 stock from other retailers – stay tuned,” reads a Digital Foundry Deals tweet.

“PS5s at Currys have just sold out. So if you didn’t manage to get one there’s more drops coming so don’t worry,” PS5 UK Stock – Instant Updates tweets.

IGN also claims that more PS5 consoles are on the way, telling fans to try the likes of Argos, Currys, Very and Amazon.

Likewise, it’s also worth visiting John Lewis, AO, ShopTo and the aforementioned GAME, which is likely to receive the most stock.

PS5: Sony unveil pricing for PlayStation 5 console

If you’re still struggling to get hold of a PS5, then it’s worth bookmarking the Stock Informer website, and following social media channels such as Digital Foundry Deals.

Some retailers allow customers to register their interest in the PS5, which should result in alerts when the consoles become available.

Express Online will also provide regular stock updates in this very article, so keep checking back if you want to bag a new console.

Anybody lucky enough to get hold of a PlayStation 5 console in the next UK re-stock is in for a treat.

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