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Meghan Markle: Royal expert discusses Duchess’ court case

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex married in 2018 but the couple shocked the world last year when they announced they were stepping down as senior members of the Royal Family. But now a royal author has claimed Meghan changed Harry for the better.

Sean Smith, author of Meghan Misunderstood, said Harry’s partnership with the Suits actress turned him into a better man.

He told the Daily Star: “Prince Harry is the man who served in two tours of duty in Afghanistan and it really was the making of him.

“His service career turned the boy into a man and his partnership with Meghan Markle has turned him into a better man.”

The author went on to say how the public believe the Firm is relatively dull but argued Meghan is not a “dull person”.

Meghan Markle changed Prince Harry says expert

Meghan Markle changed Prince Harry says expert (Image: Getty)

Meghan Markle dragged Prince Harry from dull Royals

Meghan Markle dragged Prince Harry from dull Royals (Image: Getty)

He added since Meghan stepped away from the Firm, there is something missing which the Duchess brought.

He continued: “Historians would have you believe the Royal Family are boring at times, but Meghan Markle is not a dull person, she has a great deal of charisma that is now sadly missing in the Royal Family.

“This is a woman of substance and that is not how she has been represented and hopefully there is still time for people to realise that.

“I don’t want to knock members of the Royal Family, Prince William, Kate and other members too, but Meghan has a different life experience than them.

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Prince Harry lured away from dull royal family

Prince Harry lured away from dull royal family (Image: Getty)

“Meghan brought something that I think is now missing.”

Since stepping away from the Firm, Meghan and Harry have been living in California with their young son, Archie.

The couple are expected to face their royal counterparts in March at a review of the Sandringham agreement signed last year.

It is believed they will be expected to try to cling on to Prince Harry’s military titles.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle timeline

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle timeline (Image: Express)

The Megxit review was expected to assess whether or not the couple could keep their HRH styles and Duke and Duchess of Sussex titles going forward.

Since stepping away, the couple have held on to their royal status despite no longer serving the crown.

However, their recent activity has angered royal fans who have urged the Queen to remove their titles completely.

Royal Family members are meant to remain politically neutral and Meghan and Harry ruffled feathers ahead of the US election by encouraging Americans to vote.

Meghan, Harry, William and Kate

Meghan, Harry, William and Kate (Image: Getty)

While some felt Meghan and Harry overstepped the mark, they did not explicitly align themselves with one political party in the lead up to the US vote.

The couple agreed with the Queen that they would not use the word royal in conjunction with their work going forward and wound down their Sussex Royal Foundation following their withdrawal.

Meghan and Harry stepped away in a bid to be financially independent and have since signed lucrative deals with Netflix and Spotify.


11am update: Princess Eugenie baby: Royal tipped to ‘throw tradition out window’ with unexpected name

Princess Eugenie could swerve away from typical royal baby names to give her first child something “fairly left-field” like her own, as evidence by the latest betting odds.

Princess Eugenie won’t “rule out” going for a “more unexpected name” for her baby, a Ladbrokes representative has claimed. 

Last year, the Queen’s granddaughter announced that she and her husband Jack Brooksbank were expecting their first child in early 2021. 

With the due date thought to be fast approaching, UK betting company Ladbrokes has updated betting odds for the royal baby name.

Princess Eugenie

Princess Eugenie (Image: Getty)

10.30am update: Prince Harry completes final act for military comrades as SAS adopts new rule

He may no longer hold any official military role, but Prince Harry has left his stamp on the Armed Forces… the beard.

The director of Special Forces has approved a proposal to allow soldiers to keep their beards when they return to camp.

Members of the SAS, SBS (Special Boat Service) and supporting regiments have traditionally been allowed to grow facial hair while on operations in Syria and Iraq – or on covert operations across the UK. 

10.15am update: Prince George and Princess Charlotte picked new puppy from Kate’s brother, James Middleton

Prince George and Princess Charlotte helped pick their new puppy from Kate’s brother James Middleton.

Last year, Prince William and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, lost their family dog Lupo. The couple tragically announced the news on social media following the passing of their spaniel.

But the couple and their three children are understood to have been given a new dog by Kate’s brother, James.

It is believed Prince George, seven, and Princess Charlotte, five, had the pick of the litter before deciding on the new puppy.

Princess Charlotte and Prince George

Princess Charlotte and Prince George (Image: Getty)

9.20am update: Royal chef blasts The Crown – recalls loved-up Charles and Diana Balmoral dance

A former royal chef has claimed The Crown’s portrayal of Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ relationship is wrong, remarking: “Don’t say they were never in love.”

Darren McGrady asserts the couple were happier at times than their on-screen versions and recalled a besotted dancefloor moment. 

The Netflix show’s fourth season focuses on the Diana-Charles-Camilla love triangle and the breakdown of their marriage.

9.15am update: Queen’s transition to Charles ‘handled with great care’ as royal forced into ‘adjustments’

The Queen has been “very gradually” allowing her son and future king, Prince Charles, to take the lead role in the Royal Family as she finds herself having to make “adjustments”, a royal commentator has told

Prince Charles‘ move to becoming the head of the Royal Family is being “handled with great care”, according to a commentator. 

Although his mother the Queen is very unlikely to abdicate for him, the monarch is still having to make “natural adjustments”. 

Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams spoke to about the future of the monarchy.

Queen told to remove royal patronage from Meghan

Queen told to remove royal patronage from Meghan (Image: Splash)

8.55am update: Queen told to take away royal patronage from Meghan Markle and give to Prince Edward

Queen Elizabeth II has been urged to take away Meghan Markle’s royal patronage and give it to Prince Edward.

The monarch’s youngest son has been an advocate for the arts and spent some of his career working with musical theatre legend Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber.

But the Queen decided to hand her patronage of the Royal National Theatre to Meghan instead.

However, since Meghan has now stepped down as a senior member of the Royal Family, an expert has urged the Queen to remove Meghan’s patronage and give it to Edward instead.

8.30am update: Prince William and Kate Middleton welcome new family member – ‘Besotted!’

Prince William and Kate Middleton have been gifted a new puppy, and the family is already “besotted” by it.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge lost their family dog Lupo last year.

They called the occasion “very sad” in an emotional Instagram post announcing the news.

However, the royal couple and their three children are understood to have been given a new dog by Kate Middleton’s brother.

Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge

Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge (Image: Getty)

8.25am update: Prince Charles has ‘hints of tyrant king’ – expert sounds alarm bells on future monarch

Prince Charles’ future as king has come under scrutiny after a royal expert claimed the Prince of Wales was harbouring “autocratic tendencies”, pointing out the danger “signs”.

Prince Charles will build a court as king to “reinforce his own views and exclude any countervailing” ones, an expert has claimed. 

Author of ‘The Last Queen’, Clive Irving spoke to Sky News Australia about why he was convinced that the Prince of Wales’ reign could topple the British monarchy. 

Mr Irving responded to claims that the future king is actually modernising the Royal Family by fostering a more open relationship with the media.

8.05am update: Prince Harry told ‘stop interfering in foreign politics’ after bold move on Capitol riots

Prince Harry was out of place when he waded into America’s domestic politics to brand the Capitol Hill riots “violent extremism”, a poll has found.

Less than a year after moving to the US, the Duke of Sussex decided to make a bold solo statement on the state of affairs in his adopted country following the historic Capitol Hill protest by a pro-Trump mob, which left five people dead. 

While Harry, 36, has in the past publicly commented on issues affecting the US alongside his wife Meghan, 39, he struck a different, more certain tone, by speaking out about the violence without his wife to back him up.

Prince Charles could risk overturning monarchy

Prince Charles could risk overturning monarchy (Image: Getty)

8am update: Prince Charles reign as king ‘risks monarchy going over cliff very fast’ author claims

Prince Charles’ ascension to the throne could see the monarchy “go over a cliff very fast”, a royal biographer has claimed.

Journalist and author Clive Irving has just released his new book called “The Last Queen: Elizabeth II’s Seventy Year Battle to Save the House of Windsor”. 

The book traces how Queen Elizabeth II has managed successfully to preserve the monarchy in a fast changing world. 

In an interview with Vanity Fair, he argues that the secret of her success lies partly in her ability to preserve the “mystique of the monarch herself, a kind of unknowability.”

7.55am update: Kate Middleton had posters of surprising teenage crush on her wall – ‘Wasn’t William!’

Kate, The Duchess of Cambridge, addressed rumours she’d had pictured of Prince William on her wall as a child during an interview in 2010.

William and Kate caused a global sensation when they announced their engagement on November 16, 2010.

The Prince had proposed the month before whilst the couple were on a trip in Kenya.

They were married on April 29, 2011 in a ceremony watched by hundreds of millions around the world.

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