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TV tonight

The BBC explorer presents a wanderlust-filled new series of career highlights. Plus: Trump’s downfall. Here’s what to watch this evening

Sun 24 Jan 2021 06.00 GMT

Incredible Journeys With Simon Reeve

8pm, BBC Two

Reeve has been confined to his sofa for the majority of this past
year, just like the rest of us, and so this new series provides some
welcome wanderlust in revisiting clips from the many journeys he has
taken over the last 15 years. This opening instalment focuses on the
people he has met on his travels, including the brave Burmese human
rights campaigner who led him undercover into the country in 2010, as
well as an emotional encounter with a Bangladeshi child worker. Ammar Kalia

Billionaire Cruise Ship: Paradise Island

7pm, Channel 4

The private island of Ocean Cay in the Bahamas is an unspoiled
tropical paradise – until 5,000 passengers are shipped in on a luxury
cruise. As staff feed, clean and dance to deliver the demands of their
boss, they also recruit locals to set up a not-very-authentic craft
market for the tourists. Hannah Verdier

The Trump Show: The Downfall

9pm, BBC Two

The final days of Trump’s presidency were just as measured as the
preceding four years. Before November’s election, this series tracked
the Trump shambles as it unfolded. With America on the cusp of a saner
era, it returns for a rummage through the rubble of US democracy. Phil Harrison

Finding Alice

9pm, ITV

After the cosy chaos of the Durrells, Keeley Hawes’s latest ITV
project is an off-kilter delight, veering from authentically raw grief
to goofiness via some blackly comic one-liners. Episode two of the
series sees Alice (Hawes) grappling with her late husband Harry’s
secrets and recoiling from traditional funeral plans. Graeme Virtue


10pm, BBC Two

This two-part doc on the life and career of cyclist Lance Armstrong
provides a fascinating insight into the factors that led him to become
a celebrated and then disgraced athlete. Armstrong himself features
prominently, recounting how his stepfather initially pushed him to
compete even when he was underage. AK

All the Sins

11pm, Channel 4

Walter Presents’ first Finnish screening: a dark detective drama
following young investigator Lauri (Johannes Holopainen) as he is sent
back to his conservative home town to solve two gruesome murders. He
is joined by an older detective, Sanna (Maria Sid), and together they
delve into the crime and Lauri’s past. AK

Film choice

Election. Photograph: Allstar/Paramount

Election, 12midnight, BBC One

This wickedly funny comedy about the election of a student council
president at a US high school has a pretty merciless take on the
shakiness of the democratic process. Supervising the campaign is
teacher Matthew Broderick, who’s desperate to see Reese Witherspoon’s
corrupt manipulator Tracy Flick lose. Paul Howlett

Live sport

FA Cup Football: Brentford v Leicester City, 2pm, BT Sport 1. With Everton v Sheff W at 7.30pm.

FA Cup Football: Manchester United v Liverpool, 4.30pm, BBC One. Preceded by Chelsea v Luton Town at 11.45am on the same channel

NFL American Football, 9pm, Sky Sports Main Event. AFC and NFC (1am) title games for a place in the Super Bowl.













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