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The latest Warzone controversy is once again returning to the game’s most “Pay-to-Win” skin.

Call of Duty: Warzone is a game with more than a few issues, but one has been hiding under the surface for a while now. In Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 5, we saw the introduction of the Rook Skin for Roze.

This all-black skin makes the female Operator extremely hard to see, especially in the darkest areas of Verdansk. And despite thousands of players taking advantage of the skin, nothing has ever come of requests to change it.

Warzone Pay to Win Rook Roze Skin
(Source: Activision)

Now, Warzone players are once again rallying against the Pay to Win skin, after seeing its dominance in a major tournament.

Why Is Rook a Pay to Win Skin in Warzone?

The Rook skin for Operator Roze in Warzone is classed as Pay to Win because it offers a real advantage in-game. Unlike other Call of Duty cosmetics, this all-black skin allows users to blend into the shadows with ease.

In fact, that’s likely the whole idea behind the skin, seeing as there is little to no color on the entirety of the skin. Even the Operator’s eyes are coated in black face paint, to eliminate any and all visibility.

Although Warzone’s Pay to Win gun is no longer in the game, this skin has been around for two seasons.

New players entering the battle royale can’t even get their hands on the Rook skin any longer. Despite Roze being available as a bundle in the store, the all-black appearance was locked at Tier 100 of the Season 5 Battle Pass.

Because of this, the game’s most OP skin would require real money to unlock, and possibly more to purchase the necessary tiers, should you not have the hours to grind.

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And what’s more, there’s no way to acquire the skin any longer, making it a Pay to Win advantage that new players cannot get their hands on.

Should Rook Be Removed From Warzone?

But why bring up Roze’s Rook skin again now, two seasons on from the original controversy?

Put simply, it’s becoming a nuisance. This is the iconic skin of the sweaty tryhard that Warzone players hate, but it gives a notable advantage to those who use it.

Just look at this screenshot from the recent Warzone Twitch Rivals Doritos Bowl tournament. Every player waiting to drop into the private lobby is using the Pay to Win skin, which is clearly beneficial.

When there’s a whopping $250,000 up for grabs, who isn’t going to grab any advantage possible to win?

In the tournament, nearly all the competing players were using the Rook skin, despite 54 Operators available. No other skin gives this much of an advantage in-game, and players are once again calling on Activision to fix the issue.

Since this was a Battle Pass skin, it’s unlikely that Rook will be removed. However, the skin could get slight changes, to make it more visible in games.

In that same tournament, one Warzone streamer was banned from the competition after cheating allegations. However, now it appears as though the player was innocent, leading to Dr Disrespect calling out the tournament organizers.

Recently, NICKMERCS beat his own Warzone personal best with a new loadout. We’ll let you take a guess as to which skin he was using.

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