Young man who went to the doctor with stomach pains now needs a stranger to save his life – Liverpool Echo

The family of a young man with a rare form of cancer is urging people to come forward as they search for a hero who could save his life.

Danny Thomas was diagnosed with Philadelphia chromosome-positive acute lymphoblastic leukemia in September, sparking a hunt for a bone marrow transplant.

That search has been unsuccessful during four months of treatment and two rounds of chemotherapy.

Danny’s sister, Sally, is now urging people to join the bone marrow register in the hope a match can be found.

She told the ECHO : “Just a little bit of your bone marrow could give someone their future. All it takes is a click of a button and you are on a register and that could give someone their life.”

Danny, from New Brighton, was diagnosed at the end of last summer after suffering pains in his stomach.

Sally today praised the 28-year-old’s bravery through a time that has seen him spend Christmas and New Year in hospital – revealing how her already bald brother’s first words to his doctor were whether the condition would have an impact on his hair.

She said: “He then got sent straight to the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre and has had two cycles of chemotherapy. It’s just been so hard on him.

“He’s a talented artist and wants to be an actor, he has the world at his feet.

“I have been tested to see if I am a match, but I am only a half match.”

Sally explained this could lead to Danny’s body rejecting a transplant involving her.

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Danny is due to start a third cycle of chemotherapy on Monday and his family is desperate for more people to sign the bone marrow register as the hunt for a donor continues.

Sally said: “Danny is just the nicest person in the world. Everyone says he lights up a room – he will come in and make you laugh.

“Before this happened I never would have thought of joining the register. It never entered my mind. Now I would give everything for someone.

“A second of pain and that could be someone’s life that you save.”

You can find out more information on the bone marrow register, and how to join, through the NHS here and the Anthony Nolan Foundation here.

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