Chef reveals trick to make perfect scrambled eggs using mayo –

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One chef says mayo is key to fluffy scrambled eggs (Picture: Getty Images)

Scrambled eggs might be a simple dish but it can be surprisingly hard to get right.

Everyone wants a fluffy texture and to avoid the eggs going too rubbery.

And one chef says the key is his secret ingredient – mayonnaise.

Food scientist Alton Brown says the condiment gives the dish a creamier and more delicious texture.

In his book Everyday Cook, he advocates adding one teaspoon of mayo and one teaspoon of water (for three large eggs) before you start scrambling.

The book was actually released in 2016 but people are talking about it again, perhaps as we seek some simple comfort food during lockdown.

American chef Alton Brown (Picture: Michael Tullberg/Getty Images)

Mayo is actually just a mixture of eggs and oil so when you think about it, it does make sense.

According to the Daily Star, Alton said: ‘Since scrambled eggs are essentially an emulsion. I figure why not enhance their texture with another emulsion?’

As you’re only adding a little and because it breaks down in the cooking process, your dish won’t actually taste like mayo, so no need to worry if it’s something you don’t like.

Alton said: ‘You’ll never know the mayo is in there until you go and leave it out.’

For the actual scrambling process, Alton uses a spatula to fold the mixture in on itself and create texture.

The only other ingredients he uses are butter to cook the eggs in, plus salt and pepper to season.

For flavour and spice, he also adds harissa paste, but it’s optional if you prefer a traditional scrambled egg taste.

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