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(Wednesday at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV)

peter barlow in coronation street


Fearing for Peter’s life, Ken takes action and circulates a photograph of his son to all of the local shops and pubs, asking that they don’t serve him any alcohol. But despite his efforts, Ken realises he’s fighting a losing battle when Peter later returns home steaming drunk.

With the family in despair over how to handle Peter’s spiralling addiction, Adam suggests that he, Ken and Tracy should each take turns to monitor his movements, but that only enrages him further.

Under the influence, Peter pens an emotional letter to Simon, then tells Carla that he has forgiven her for cheating with Adam. But her relief turns to fright when she finds Peter’s notebook and thinks he has written a suicide note to his son. She confronts Peter, who puts her straight, insisting it’s just a farewell letter as he has accepted he’s dying.

Carla is not prepared to let him go and stages an intervention by dragging Simon round to the house, and reading him the contents of Peter’s letter. Appalled by his selfish attitude, Simon disowns his dad. Angry Peter storms off afterwards and refuses to listen to Carla’s pleas.

Later, Ken discovers his son in a hotel bar, and as Peter angrily lashes out at his elderly father, the guilt finally gets to him as he insists he wants to quit the booze. But just as it looks as if he has made a positive breakthrough, Peter suffers a seizure and is rushed to hospital.

The doctors reveal Peter will need to be slowly weaned off alcohol to avoid sudden death. However, Carla may not be around to help with his recovery when Lucas, an acquaintance from her time in Devon, offers to whisk her away on a romantic break. Can Peter convince her to stay?

2. Emmerdale: Cheating Al gets his comeuppance

(Monday at 7pm on ITV)

debbie dingle, al chapman and priya kotecha in emmerdale


Determined that unfaithful Al is going to get what’s coming to him, vengeful Priya finishes making a series of bank transfers in his name. It’s then time for Debbie to put the final phase of their plan into action as she goes to see Al and suggests they get married. He accepts her impromptu proposal, only to realise he has walked into a trap when Priya suddenly steps out from her hiding place.

Confronted by the two women he has been bedding, Al tries to squirm his way out of it, but neither Priya nor Debbie are buying the love rat’s lame excuses. Al’s day gets a whole lot worse when he returns to the HOP office and is confronted by Kim, who wants to know why he has been creaming thousands from the company bank accounts.

Realising he has been framed, Al has some serious explaining to do, but Debbie isn’t done yet and vows that she won’t stop until she drives her ex out of the Dales.

3. EastEnders: Ben proposes to Callum

(Thursday at 7.35pm on BBC One)

callum highway and ben mitchell in eastenders

Jack BarnesBBC

Frustrated that Callum is unable to collect Lexi from school because he’s not registered as family, Ben suggests they fix the problem with a quick trip to the registry office. But Callum’s left offended by the unromantic proposal and turns him down, believing Ben only wants to marry him for convenience.

Confused by Cal’s rejection, Ben confides in Lola and Lexi, who are equally unimpressed by his rubbish efforts and tell him he needs to do much better in order to get the response he wants.

Their advice spurs Ben on to have another go at popping the question, hoping this time Callum will say yes. But just as he’s preparing to sweep his man off his feet, Callum is starting to have doubts about their future following his dangerous double crossing of the Mitchells.

4. Hollyoaks: Mandy blackmails Luke

(Monday at 7pm on E4 and Tuesday at 6.30pm on Channel 4)

luke morgan, mandy richardson and ella richardson in hollyoaks

Lime Pictures

Since learning that Ella was responsible for Jordan’s murder, Mandy has been doing all she can to keep her daughter’s name out of the frame. But her killer secret is at risk of being discovered when budding reporter Yazz approaches the teen, wanting to get inside info on Jordan’s death.

Mandy manages to put a stop to Yazz’s intrusive questions, but her panic is picked up on by Luke and Darren. Knowing the truth about what Ella did, Luke issues Mandy an ultimatum, warning her that unless she goes to the police, he will.

After thinking things through, Mandy promises Luke she’ll do the right thing and be honest with Darren, but when she and Cindy spy troubled Ollie stealing tips from The Dog, another idea forms in her mind. Taking advantage of the lad’s woes, Mandy hatches a plan to protect Ella and tries to blackmail Luke into keeping silent.

5. Neighbours: Has Dipi lost Shane to Amy?

(Thursday at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5)

dipi and shane rebecchi in neighbours

FremantleChannel 5

It’s Christmas in Ramsay Street, and Shane and Dipi have a full house as Kirsha joins her family for the festivities. Kirsha is on a mission to reunite her estranged parents, and drops a series of hints to Dipi that she should give Shane another chance.

Kirsha’s persuasion pays off, and believing Shane wants the same thing, Dipi decides she’s ready to fight for their marriage. But she might already be too late because after weeks of flirting with one another, Shane ends up locking lips with Amy.

Unable to hide the truth, Shane comes clean about the kiss to Dipi, who hides her hurt and makes out that she’s fine about him moving on. But will her inability to be honest push Shane further into Amy’s arms?

6. Coronation Street: Debbie’s in the frame for Ray’s disappearance

(Monday at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV)

debbie webster in coronation street


Ray’s crimes are the talk of the cobbles following his sudden disappearance. Debbie is trying to distance herself from the drama by insisting that she didn’t know about him bribing Susan, or his assault on Faye.

But when details of Abi’s showdown with the corrupt businessman begin to emerge, Debbie drops a bombshell and she reveals she did what she had to in order to stop Ray causing any more harm. Was she pushed to murder him?

Meanwhile, there’s good news for the Street residents when the planning committee revoke Ray’s application and declare their houses are all safe. But as gossip continues to swirl over Ray’s whereabouts, the police arrive wanting to question Debbie about the emergency call she made on the day of Abi’s collapse.

Kevin’s sly sister tries to fool them by claiming she found Abi unconscious and only dialled 999 because she believed the former addict had overdosed. Will the cops fall for her fib?

7. Emmerdale: Harriet quits her job

(Tuesday at 7pm on ITV)

harriet finch and charles anderson in emmerdale


Anxious Harriet frets that her job is on the line when Charles reveals he has got a meeting with the Bishop. Despite him insisting that’s not the case, Harriet tells Charles that she doesn’t want to let her parishioners down any more and it’ll best for everyone if she quits.

Shocked, Charles tries to talk Harriet out of leaving, but she refuses to change her mind. She tearfully asks him to tell the Bishop that despite her best efforts, her career in the church is over.

Hearing about her friend’s resignation, worried Moira tells Charles that Harriet isn’t in the right state of mind to be making such a life-changing decision. She urges him not to let her go without a fight.

8. EastEnders: Gray sets his sights on Whitney

(Friday at 8.35pm on BBC One)

gray atkins in eastenders

Jack BarnesBBC

Having selected Whitney as his next prey, Gray is consumed with jealousy to spy her engaging in a spot of friendly sparring with Kush. In a bid to keep her close, the scheming solicitor tells Karen that her help around the house is no longer required, and she can focus on being a grandmother because Whitney will be looking after Mac and Mia from now on.

When Gray invites Whitney for a movie night in with him and the kids, he’s taken aback when she tells him she has got a date. Unable to control himself, Gray deliberately plants a seed of doubt in Whit’s mind, and feels victorious when she scraps her plans in favour of staying home with him.

The next morning, Whitney’s nursing a hangover having spent the night on Gray’s settee after one too many wines. As he watches her playing with his children, Gray is satisfied by how nicely Whitney is fitting into the role he has imagined for her.

Later, Gray decides to act on his feelings and stuns Whitney with an invitation to move in, insisting they could have something special together.

9. Hollyoaks: Summer outs Sienna and Warren’s affair

(Thursday at 7pm on E4 and Friday at 6.30pm on Channel 4)

summer ranger in hollyoaks

Lime Pictures

As Cormac’s condition takes a turn for the worse this week, Misbah tells Summer that she may have to prepare herself that her dad won’t ever wake up. The news leaves Summer heartbroken and also throws Brody into a panic, as he tells Sienna they could find themselves caught up in a murder investigation if Cormac dies.

Later, Summer turns to Grace for a shoulder to cry on and ends up telling her new mate about Sienna’s affair with Brody. Grace can’t believe her luck, and when Summer later snaps Sienna and Warren engaged in a kiss, she eggs her on to post the incriminating images in an envelope marked for Brody’s attention.

10. Home and Away: Colby’s fate hangs in the balance

(Friday at 1.15pm and 6pm on Channel 5)

colby thorne in home and away

Endemol ShineChannel 5

Angered by Angelo gloating about Colby’s lack of bail money, Jasmine takes it upon herself to stump up the funds to get her friend out of jail. Colby’s loved ones are overjoyed to have him back in the Bay, but with his future hanging in the balance, he’s determined to find out who Angelo’s star witness is.

Colby first accuses Ziggy of betraying him, much to Dean’s annoyance, but when Angelo gets wind of what’s going on, he promptly places a suppression order on his informant. With his trial impending, Colby scrolls through the witness list for clues, only to find his secret betrayer is being referred to simply as Witness X.

Frustrated, Colby heads out and finds Taylor in tears on the beach, and she rails at him for ruining her life. Still no further from the truth, all Colby can do is wait as Bella, Dean and Willow throw him a last supper ahead of his day in court.

Meanwhile, Taylor is dreading testifying against her former lover, and begs Angelo to remove her from the witness list. But the detective refuses her plea, determined that with the help of Witness X, he’ll get Colby sent down.

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