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A Pokémon Go player is now on the cusp of being the first in the world to hit level 50 – the game’s new level cap – after a series of errors launched them to the front of the pack.

Last night, several players hit level 48 for the first time, after waiting out a timed requirement that had kept the race to level 50 at a stalemate for the past couple of weeks.

As midnight hit in New Zealand and then Australia, players down under became the first to see the game’s new set of challenges to level them up to 49. Several of these challenges looked like they would take some time – but one player was about to get an unexpected boost.

At 10pm UK time last night, Australian player Laurenlolly posted on Twitter that she was now level 48 and making progress with the new challenges to hit level 49. But, six hours later, she reported that numerous players working on the new challenges had suddenly found their progress reset back to zero. Developer Niantic’s support account replied and said it would investigate the error.

Three hours after that, Laurenholly posted again to say Niantic had now responded to the error by suddenly setting all of her level 49 requirements to completed – meaning she was now level 49 right then and there.

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Currently, no other players have reported receiving the same boost through the whole of level 49 in response to having their progress reset, despite it having affected various other players. Some fans have called for equal treatment for all players in the race to level 50, while others have said Laurenholly has been given an unfair advantage.

Regardless, Laurenholly is now ahead of the pack and with a clear advantage to hit level 50 first.

Level 50 requirements include a further 30m XP, 999 Excellent Throws, 5 Legendary Catches in a row from Legendary encounters, three Team Go Rocket Leader wins with Pokémon under 2500CP, and to hit rank 20 in Go Battle League.

Laurenholly already has the XP and GBL requirements met, meaning we’re likely to see the game’s first level 50 player within the next few days.

We’ve contacted Niantic for comment.

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