Rebel Wilson’s slimming body care routine following her ‘Year of Health’ –

“My products help you feel totally great from the feet up, and they are as much about making your legs look and feel the best they can as helping you feel energised, uplifted and confident,” adds Shapland. The lymph is the body’s natural waste disposal network which is critical to our wellbeing – poor lymphatic drainage can make us feel puffy and heavy. The range consists of a £12 suction cup to help firm the legs, exfoliating salts for the body to help smooth and tone the skin, and a powerful targeted body oil for the body, to use in conjunction with a dry body brush.   

The whole range costs £177.50, which seems pricey but includes five brilliant products. Cult Beauty, the beauty retailer that stocks Legology, has noticed its bath and body category has tripled in size in the past year, with sales increasing by 210 percent. ‘Regimes took on a symbolic meaning as cleansing became the erasure of worries and masking not only replenished our skin but our energy levels, permitting us time to relax and recharge,’ notes Alexia Inge, Founder of Cult Beauty.   

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