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TV tonight

The reality star explores Harvey’s chances of independence in adulthood. Plus: a Euphoria special. Here’s what to watch this evening

Mon 25 Jan 2021 06.20 GMT

Katie Price: Harvey and Me

8.30pm, BBC One

Price talks candidly about a topic that has mostly stayed off limits throughout her two-decade TV career: raising her son Harvey, who lives with rare conditions including septo-optic dysplasia. As Harvey turns 18, Price explores the options for his adulthood and his chances of independence. She meets the mother of one of his friends, Jeanette, who recounts how her disabled child is now thriving at college, while another, Isabelle, details how her autistic son Matthew was sectioned at 15. Ammar Kalia


6.30pm, BBC Two

The comedian Zoe Lyons tries her hand at hosting a gameshow. Six hopefuls are picked on by a roving spotlight and can pass on the glare only after they have answered a question correctly. If they are in the light when the clock runs down, they are eliminated from winning the £3,000 prize. AK

Corona: The Pandemic and the Pangolin

8.35pm, PBS America

There is nothing new about plagues and pandemics, but as Covid-19 continues to cause devastation, this documentary takes a closer look at the role of the illegal wildlife trade. Experts explore how the brutal slaughter of animals creates the right conditions for deadly viruses to thrive. Ellen E Jones

Cornwall: This Fishing Life

9pm, BBC Two

Plenty more fish in the sea? Ivan, Paul and Rhys Toms. Photograph: BBC/Frank Films

Although it is about Cornish fishing every week, this series always finds a new story to tell. Tonight, the Toms family from Looe try to revive the town’s old reputation for super-fresh fish, caught immediately by a small boat. Can the agility of a small independent business take on the big boys from Plymouth? Jack Seale

Mark Kermode’s Secrets of Cinema

9pm, BBC Four

Kermode continues his entertaining romp through cinematic tropes with an episode on cult fan favourites, from Blade Runner to Fight Club. He unpicks what leads audiences to bestow cult status on a film, including a tendency towards transgression and genre-splicing. AK


9pm, Sky Atlantic

A second special episode – this one entitled “Fuck Anyone Who’s Not a Sea Blob” – of the teen drama starring Hunter Schafer and Zendaya. After a chapter centred on Rue (Zendaya), this follows Jules (Schafer), the anti-manic pixie dream girl who broke Rue’s heart. What happened after that night at the train station? Hannah J Davies

Film choice

Face-off … Frank Langella (Richard Nixon) and Michael Sheen (David Frost) in Frost/Nixon. Photograph: Universal/Everett/Rex Features

Frost/Nixon (Ron Howard, 2008), 12.40am, Sky Cinema Greats
The interviews between the disgraced US president, Richard Nixon, and the British journo de jour, David Frost, made for compelling TV in 1977. This account of the machinations of their intellectual battle is riveting. Michael Sheen’s Frost and Frank Langella’s Nixon are mesmerising. Paul Howlett

Live sport

Test cricket: Sri Lanka v England 6am, Sky Sports Main Event. Fourth day of the second Test.

FA Cup football: Wycombe Wanderers v Tottenham 7.45pm, BT Sport 1. Will Adams Park witness an unlikely upset?

La Liga football: Athletic Bilbao v Getafe 8pm, La Liga TV. Spanish top-flight action from San Mamés.













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