News » AMD looking to spread chip production to Samsung –

GPUs and CPUs are fairly hard to get due to shortages. The biggest foundry is of course TSMC, who increased wafer prices last month as they do have a bit of a monopolized position at the smaller fabrication nodes. 

As a result AMD now might add Samsung to their list of chip manufacturers. Forum user Clién from South Korea, Clién makes this claim, and to add on that, he has names a few other things in the past as well and was right most of the time. AMD would like to increase production capacity by 50% or more, however, securing production capacity at TSMC remains challenging. That is why, according to the forum member, AMD is considering having part of the APIs and GPUs also baked by Samsung. If we understand the Korean message correctly, it concerns the production of the chips at both TSMC and Samsung.

One of the concerns is that TSMC has to meet the enormous demand from Apple. Apple is said to have secured full 5nm production capacity last summer, and TSMC’s 3nm node is also said to be predominantly intended for Apple.


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