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Whilst the main characters of horror movies are relentlessly being slashed, haunted and terrorised by an ungodly amount of monsters and villains, it’s easy to forget about the people by their side throughout the ordeals.

These are the family, friends, partners and pets that have their own loyalties put to the test and their courage to act called into question whilst the leads have their hands full. These are the often unsung heroes of the story, and while they might die in the process, are vital to the protagonists getting out of a deadly scenario in one piece.

Whether they end up laying the seeds for the villain’s downfall or directly jump into the danger themselves, here are seven horror movies where supporting characters save the day.

Of course, expect full spoilers ahead!

Though not supporting characters in the regular sense, let’s face it, if you were to find yourself surrounded from all angles by monsters from hell in an incredibly disorientating and deadly mist, this is exactly the sort of support you’d want.

With an endless formation of tanks and gas-masked soldiers marching down the road towards our hero at the very end of ‘The Mist’, it almost makes you forget that 2 minutes before, there was no hope left for those who had made it this far into the movie.

In that respect, it’s possible that David may have had a few mixed feelings about their sudden appearance after he’d just mercy killed the other survivors. Even so, there’s undoubtedly a wave of comfort that comes from seeing a resistance coming out on top when the entire movie has shown nothing but death and helplessness.

It’s nearly become a cliché in itself that the government and military are the first to be overrun within most survival movies so it’s refreshing to see in such a brutal surprise ending, that mankind finally manages to triumph over the misty menaces! God bless America, indeed.

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