BBC should be paying us! Overwhelming majority would SNUB £400 Beeb subscription service – Daily Express

Readers voted in our poll on whether they would shell out the eye-watering sum if the BBC was turned into a subscription service. A huge 98 percent of respondents said no, with just two percent backing the idea.

Commenting on the poll, one reader blasted: “With all the left-wing woke dribble and mountains of repeats, the BBC should be paying us.”

Another fumed: “Just get rid of it, it’s biased and not value for money.

“We get enough channels showing repeats and rubbish without it and it’s absurdly paid so-called stars and presenters.”

A third commented: “Hilarious. I wouldn’t watch the BBC if they paid ME £400 per year!”

A fourth added: “I wouldn’t give £4 let alone £400.”

Another hit out: “If I’m paying for propaganda to be rammed down my throat, no thanks. I can get that for free elsewhere.”

A sixth raged over the licence fee, saying: “How stupid are the BBC?

“If we had the CHOICE, most of us wouldn’t even pay the £157 tax. Netflix etc, are not compulsory, unlike the BBC.”

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The corporation’s Value for Audiences report claimed a subscription service would cost more than £400 per year.

The broadcaster said: “Taken together, a bundle of subscriptions providing advertising-free, high-quality services comparable with those offered by the BBC across video, audio and news would cost over £400 per year in comparison to a current licence fee of £157.50.”

It comes as the BBC is under intense pressure over issues including the licence fee.

Defund The BBC has amassed nearly 100,000 followers on Twitter since it was launched last June.

The campaign group lashed out at the Beeb’s director-general Tim Davie following the £400 subscription service claim.

It tweeted: “Tim Davie has claimed the BBC offers twice the value of Netflix but would cost 5.5 times as much, at an eye-watering £400 per year (£33 per month), if they moved to a subscription model.

“Switch to on-demand and do your bit to #DefundTheBBC by legally cancelling your TV licence.” polled 9,074 people on February 4.

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