Coronation Streets Charlie Condou says hes lost use of fingers as he fears he has long Covid – Manchester Evening News

Charlie Condou says he’s lost the use of his fingers as he fears he had long Covid.

The former Coronation Street actor turned to Twitter for help and advice after experiencing incredible pain.

Charlie, who played Marcus Dent in the ITV soap, said he has been suffering since October.

The 48-year-old tweeted: “I’ve been suffering from something that is looking more and more like long Covid since October,’ he revealed in the social media update.

“But since Christmas Eve I’ve had incredible pain in my arm and have lost the use of my thumb/forefinger.”

He then pleaded: “Has anyone heard of nerve damage in relation to long Covid?”.

Many people who have tested positive for coronavirus have reported suffering symptoms long after suffering with the virus itself.

This has become known as long Covid and can see people suffering coronavirus-like symptoms for months – from loss of taste and smell to breathing difficulties and various body pains.

Charlie had a few replies to his tweet and revealed the pain is in his left arm too and that it’s “almost unbearable.”

The actor said he tested negative for coronavirus but added: “Now I’m unsure if it was correct, or if I took the test too late.”

Many fans and followers sent their best wishes to Charlie as he awaits an MRI appointment.

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