Taylor Swift responds after being sued by theme park over use of the album name Evermore – The Independent

The theme park shares a name with Swift’s latest album, released in December 2020. Its owners allege that Swift’s album and promotional merchandise has confused park visitors and negatively impacted its search engine results. In addition to legal costs, the park owners are seeking damages.

According to the park’s Human Resources director, visitors have reportedly been asking “whether the Evermore album was the result of a collaboration between Evermore and Taylor Swift or some other type of relationship”.

In fact, the theme park “operates an immersive experience… in which performers who portray fantasy characters are the main attraction”, according to a cease and desist letter obtained by The Independent that the park owners sent to Swift’s legal team.

“Evermore’s immersive experience includes a wide variety of actors and musicians that create a world of fantasy in which guests interact with performers and become part of the world of Evermore.”

The cease and desist letter, sent on 18 December of 2020, also describes how the park has “recorded music and merchandise under the Evermore trademark.

“Your use of the Evermore trademark infringes on Evermore’s trademark rights and has resulted in actual confusion.”

In response to the lawsuit, Swift’s representatives have called the matter “baseless … frivolous and irresponsible”, adding, “It is inconceivable that there is any likelihood of confusion between your client’s theme park and related products and Ms Swift’s music and related products.”

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