10 Dumbest Decisions In Zombie Movie History – WhatCulture

One of the chief complaints about horror movies in general is that the central characters so often act like idiots, ditching basic self-preservation logic in order to give audiences a gnarly death scene.

And while that’s perhaps no truer than in the slasher genre, zombie films also boast an over-the-odds abundance of mind-bogglingly idiotic characters, who serve themselves up as undead chow through their terrible decision-making abilities.

Whether these deaths were meant to be funny or annoying – or perhaps even both – audiences were left throwing their hands up in the air at these characters who never really gave themselves a chance to survive.

From betraying the most basic survival rules of the zombie movie to exhibiting no desire at all to save their own skin, these 10 characters really set themselves up for the fall, and in some cases even doomed everyone else in the process.

These are the zombie movie characters sure to have everyone screaming at their TV, “What the hell are you doing!?,” before resolving that they basically “deserved” their grim fate as a result…


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10th Feb 2021

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