Cryptocurrency mining makes a move to RTX 3000 Series Laptops –

Personally, I am not a supporter of Cryptocurrency mining. The amount of energy used for your digital currency is a plague concerning energy and power consumption. The amount of energy used is bigger than an entire country like Switzerland uses.

And that last example is Bitcoin alone. For just that reason, I feel cryptocurrency should be forbidden in a world where energy often made out of fossil fuel is simply immoral and just wrong. However, as long as governments do nothing about it, greed will take the upper hand.


if you wonder where GPUs end up … the above charts are from the University of Cambridge, showing exactly that


The same greed is partly responsible for the shortages of graphics cards, as mining farms can have hundreds of cards in countries where energy is cheap. However, a new trend is laptops with a powerful GPU, and in this last case, the RTX 3000 empowered laptops from NVIDIA are now being bought and used to set up cryptocurrency mining farms.



A group dedicated to cryptocurrency mining uploaded a video showing its mining farm made up of hundreds and hundreds of notebooks equipped with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3000 graphics cards. The Chinese manufacturer Hasee, in charge of assembling these computers, does not seem to care in whose hands they finish their new notebooks. In the absence of stock of desktop GPUs, crypto mining decided to move over to the mobile segment.

Some might find the image below attractive, and I look at it with awe and disgust.

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