Eugenie baby LIVE – Prince Andrews daughter broke tradition twice with birth – The Sun


New royal mum Princess Eugenie has broken with royal tradition over the announcement of the birth of her son, it’s been revealed.

Royal commentator Daniela Elser writes for “Traditionally, arrivals of new wee members of the royal family normally make their public debut via some sort of formal portrait or press call, where Fleet Street snappers can happily feast their lenses on the newest member of the Windsor troop.

“But Eugenie decided to do things differently and marked her son’s arrival with an Instagram post, crucially before an official shot of the new family was sent out by the palace.

“The Princess’ decision to share an arty black and white shot of herself and her husband holding their new baby’s hand has been met with barely a raised eyebrow.

“Imagine, just for a moment if, Meghan had the temerity to decide she had wanted to share the glorious news of one of her baby’s arrival via social media. The reaction would have been breathtakingly aghast, the move presented as further proof of her (supposed) independently wilful disregard for tradition.”

Credit: princesseugnie/Instagram


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