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Bye-bye Bridgerton? Netflix has a new number one show that everyone is talking about. It’s time for you, too, to catch up on the next big thing before it hits the zeitgeist’s rear-view mirror. Firefly Lane is the series driving the serious FOMO on the streaming service – and fans can’t get enough of the emotional, soapy drama starring Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke.

Based on the best-selling novel, Firefly Lane sees Heigl and Chalke as a pair of BFFs (one a housewife, the other a well-known TV personality) and their decades-long friendship punctuated by tragedy, trauma, and more than one bonding session over a glass or two of wine. It’s everything viewers want from a Netflix series in lockdown times: it’s tense, has several cliffhangers across multiple time periods, and can be polished off in a weekend on account of it only lasting 10 episodes. Intrigued? Here’s what the Twitter-verse has to say about Firefly Lane while they desperately wait for a second season.

Netflix has done it again

Be it Lupin, Cobra Kai, or The Queen’s Gambit, Netflix has been on a serious roll with its dramas in the past six months. Firefly Lane is next up, and early reactions across the show’s first week on the streamer suggests it’s got another hit on its hands.

Two must-watch lead performances

In the wrong hands, Firefly Lane could have veered into melodrama. Thankfully, Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke’s performances underpin a premise laced with emotion and heartache. Some are even calling for the pair to pick up awards come next year’s Emmy season.

Time to cry

There’s nothing wrong with letting it all out. Firefly Lane might have you reaching for the tissues on more on than one occasion if the snap reaction on social media is any indication.

Firefly Lane season 2… please?

You should know the deal with Netflix shows by now. You binge every episode inside 48 hours and are busy clamoring for the next season. Unfortunately, no news yet – but that hasn’t stopped fans from asking.

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