Stacey Solomons message to the glove police over picture of her son – Daily Record

Stacey Solomon wrote a message to the glove police as she answered critics who said her toddler’s hands should be covered in the snow.

In a note addressed as ‘A message to the glove police’, Loose Women panellist Stacey made her feelings clear as she defended herself.

Referring to her one and a half year old son who had earlier been seen frolicking in the snow without gloves on, she said: “If I could get Rex to keep his gloves, hat and coat on I would. Believe me. But he is a toddler.”

She continued: “Anyone out there with one knows that they start off wearing it all and as the walk goes on they rip their hat off a thousand times, drop their gloves in the snow, and tread on them until they’re soaking wet and no longer any use and they moan the whole time to take their coat off.”

Stacey Solomon has a message for the ‘glove police’
(Image: Stacey Solomon/Instagram)

“And then after all of that they cry when their hands get cold. Anyone out there keeping all items of clothing of winter wear on their toddlers all day is my hero. I salute you.”

Stacey also revealed the personalised present that she would be giving her fiance Joe Swash.

She will be presenting the host with a special plate which features the paw prints of her children and her dog.

Stacey Solomon show off her Valentines Day plate for Joe Swash
(Image: Stacey Solomon/ Instagram)

She posted up a picture of her handmade offering on Instagram saying: “We just make cards and bits for Valentines Day so I thought this would be a sweet little present from the kids.”

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