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The sportscar world acts like it doesn’t want or need the Toyota Supra 2.0, which has got only four cylinders and a lot less power. But maybe a drag race like this, which also features a GR Supra and a stock MK4, can change their minds.

Why downsize? Well, not everybody has half a million followers on YouTube, and for that reason, sports car buyers are getting older and older. Ever wondered why so many Miata owners are nearing retirement? Well, Toyota decided to do something about this problem and borrowed one of BMW’s 2.0-liter turbo motors for the Supra.

When they’re under the hood of a 3 Series, people can’t stop lavishing praise onto the car. But apparently, a downsized Supra is a heresy. Of course, there are a number of advantages. Not only can you get this attention-grabbing sports car for Golf R money, but it also has less weight over the front end.

This UK-spec Supra 2.0 supposedly has 258 horsepower and is going up against a Supra 3.0 with 340 hp. So even though it’s a brand new model, it doesn’t have the 382 horsepower output. Acting as a sort of yardstick, a classic MK4 Supra is also present, its 2JZ being rated at 320 horsepower. These numbers can appear slightly off because of where the drag race happens and the fact that all old JDM cars were underrated.

Besides the outputs, Supra fans are also going to dispute another element in this race, and that the auto gearbox in the old car; they absolutely hate it. But since both new models have the same 8-speed ZF gearbox, we can get a fair reading of how the segment has improved.

Right, we promised a surprise, and you’re definitely getting one with this Carwow drag race. In the first drag race, the least powerful car, which is the base 2-liter Supra, pulls ahead of everyone. It’s down to the weather and the fact that launch control didn’t work in the 3.0. A second race reveals a much closer result but still proves the four-cylinder is a good-enough sports car for normal people.

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