Doom Eternal generated £323m in just nine months –

Doom Eternal reportedly generated over £323 million ($450m) in the first nine months of its release.

Bethesda had already trumpeted that the launch of Doom Eternal was the series’ best-ever in terms of opening week sales, but at the time the publisher didn’t give exact figures, instead only confirming the game had doubled the launch weekend revenue of Doom’s 2016 reboot.

Now, however, a statement on a former id Software developer’s LinkedIn profile has revealed those numbers translated to $450 million in revenue (thanks, ResetEra) – that’s £323 million.

The LinkedIn profile is seemingly now no longer publicly accessible, but the former “monetization designer” and product management lead worked at id Software for three years before leaving the studio last year.

Edwin deemed the game “an even faster and bloodier but slightly wayward follow-up to a thunderous shooter reboot” in Eurogamer’s Doom Eternal review.

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