Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 Reveals Major Development Update –

This past week has been rife with news related to Final Fantasy VII Remake. Not only is the game getting a new, upgraded version later this year on PlayStation 5 called Intergrade, but the original iteration is also set to be a PlayStation Plus game for March. And while there’s still very little that we know about the remake’s inevitable sequel, Square Enix has now provided fans with a rather major update about the title’s development team.

In an interview with Famitsu, longtime Square Enix director Tetsuya Nomura has said that he will not be in the director’s chair for Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2. Instead, Naoki Hamaguchi, who served as the co-director on last year’s FFVIIR, will be serving as the new director moving forward. Nomura himself will still assist on the project, as he’ll be in a creative director capacity for all titles associated with Final Fantasy VII moving forward.

Part of the reason why Nomura is making this move is because of the sheer amount of work he shoulders at Square Enix. For those unaware, Nomura has been one of the primary creative forces behind Square’s two biggest franchises, Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy VII Remake, for years now. In fact, Nomura had previously been juggling duties on both franchises when Kingdom Hearts III and FFVIIR were in development at the same time.

Nomura went on to say that he still has an “unprecedented number of projects in the works” which is why he is looking to hand the reins over to Hamaguchi. He also said that with the gameplay of Final Fantasy VII Remake now ironed out in this first installment, he can simply step back and “see what needs to be improved in the future.”

The only downside about Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 right now is that we have no earthly idea when it will arrive. The game is clearly in development at Square Enix right now, but given how long some of the publisher’s games have taken in the past, it might be a bit until we see it publicly.

Still, that’s where Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade steps in. The new PS5 version of the game is set to arrive later this year on June 10, 2021. It will also be exclusive to PlayStation’s next-gen console.

How do you feel about Nomura stepping back a bit with the development of Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2? Be sure to give me your thoughts down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.


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