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Melinda Messenger has recalled the times she was hit on by both the Spider-Man and Batman stars – but says she had to spurn their superhero advances.

The former glamour model joked that she only had the hots for Iron Man.

Melinda turned 50 last week and the mum-of-three has been chatting about her career – and who has chatted her up in the past.

She has had some big names catch her eye, but sadly the action hero she really wanted was nowhere to be seen.

Spider-Man actor Tobey Maguire and Batman legend Val Kilmer both previously tried their luck but Melinda says she is “completely single” despite their interest.

Melinda Messenger ready to date again and considers paying £25k for dating agency

Melinda spurn their advances of some superheroes, she revealed
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She told The Sun : “I had some great times. I got chatted up by Spider-Man and Batman and blew them both out. Once I found myself at a party after a film premiere with Tobey and he started chatting me up.

“He kept coming up to me. I was with a couple of friends and he was dancing with me and I didn’t know who he was. I had a boyfriend anyway at the time.

“On another occasion Val Kilmer asked me out on a date via my agent. And again I was just sitting at home thinking, ‘Oh my god, is that Batman?’. And I had a crush on him at the time but I blew him out too.

Tobey Maguire couldn’t catch her in a love web
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Melinda is now looking for love after two failed marriages
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“The person I really wanted was Robert Downey Jr, who played Tony Stark, in Iron Man. Ironically, he’s probably exactly the type I attract that I was saying I shouldn’t be with.”

Melinda admitted either this month that she is ready to start dating again – and is even prepared to pay a pretty penny to join an exclusive dating agency.

The star, who was married to Wayne Roberts until 2012, opened up about her quest for love in a recent interview with OK! Magazine.

She is considering enlisting the help of Sara Eden Introductions agency to help her find the perfect match.

Val Kilmer even tried to win her over – but she only wanted Iron Man!

The exclusive dating agency membership fees start from £4995 per client but reportedly ranges up to as much as £25,000 for their work.

Melinda told the publication: “I’m starting to think it would be quite nice to date. I would love to meet somebody but I am quite shy so I would never make the first move.

“I feel more open to dating now as the kids are all fine – it feels like the right time.”

She went on: “I think dating sites would be a bit of a struggle, but I’ve never tried.

“I have been thinking I might join the Sara Eden Introductions agency, as that feels like a bit more of a gentle approach and they are local to me, so that’s a possibility. I just have to get over my fear of dating!”

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